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Help Choose A Winner– Funny/Lovely Cakes » Fun Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake

4 Responses to “Fun Birthday Cake”

  1. Annmarie W. Says:

    This wedding cake is my favorite…definitely funny!

  2. Marianne Says:

    I really like the colors in this one….not sure what the theme is though? Marriage? Divorce? Eloping?

  3. Mary C. Says:

    This funny Wedding Cake gets my vote. My vote is for Cake 52! I believe the Groom is trying to “Run Away” and the Bride is saying, “Plant yourself back here beside me,Buddy,’Cause We ARE getting hitched!” lol About the cake ….. it is beautiful as well as funny. I agree the colors are vivid…. The cake is an extremely balanced unbalanced cake. I feel a lot of hard work went into the design of this one.

  4. Becky @ Our Peaceful Home Says:

    I love this cake

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