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Funny Kids Contest » karenparker


89 Responses to “karenparker”

  1. Karen Says:


  2. Lisa Says:

    Toooo funny! That’s Clinton for ya!

  3. lorene Says:

    thats my brother !!!

  4. Teresa Caldwell Says:

    I voted, hope you win!

  5. Karolyne Says:

    Abigael votes for Clinton!!!

  6. Ruth Says:

    Go Clinton!

  7. gail abston Says:

    Look at those Big Blue eyes.

  8. Cherise Says:

    Love It!!

  9. Dana Burns Says:

    hahahahahahaha…what a funny kid!!

  10. Wendy Says:

    I vote for a piece of cake as well!

  11. Walker Says:

    I voted too.

  12. Steve Says:

    Nice picture!

  13. Jaima Says:

    Hilarious face! Love this! Win, Clinton!

  14. GaryB Says:

    Go Clinton!

  15. Brent Says:

    Good luck!

  16. Tonya Says:

    Clinton, you’re cool!

  17. Teresa Caldwell Says:

    Hope Clinton wins a cake for his daddy!!!

  18. Emma Rose Bell Says:

    Funny! Hope you win!

  19. Kay Says:

    This is by far the funniest! Hope he wins!!

  20. Melissa Says:


  21. Melissa Says:

    Cute photo – I hope you win, Clinton!

  22. Jessica Flint Says:

    You have my vote

  23. Mitch Says:

    That’s my boy!!

  24. Gwenette Longshore Says:

    I vote for Clinton Parker. Cute,funny photo. Go Clinton!!!

  25. April Says:

    You’re so funny!!

  26. Amy Says:

    Voted for Clinton! :) THAT is the face of an angel. Tell him we voted!!

  27. Nena Says:

    Great picture! Hope you win!

  28. Terii Says:

    Good Luck!

  29. Amber Says:

    My bet is on Clinton to win!

  30. Margarita Says:


  31. Karen Says:

    Hope you win!

  32. John Says:

    Clinton is just the funniest kid I’ve ever seen.

  33. Bonnie Says:

    sooo cuteeeee

  34. Rosemary Giordano Says:

    Hope you win!

  35. Kristy Says:

    Go, Clinton! Go, Clinton!

  36. Hester Says:

    GO! GO! GO!

  37. Gary Ballard Says:

    I vote for Clinton… He’s my Man!

  38. Nancy Says:

    Hahahahaha.. thanks for the laugh, Clinton! Funny boy!!!

  39. Tee Says:

    This picture is the funniest! Love the face!

  40. Teresa Caldwell Says:

    Hope Clinton wins the cake!!!

  41. Christina Says:

    What a cutie! Hope he wins!

  42. Emma Rose Bell Says:

    Good luck Clinton!

  43. frostilu Says:

    GO Clinton! Love the Pic!

  44. ronad rogers Says:


  45. Leigh-Anne Says:

    Go Clinton!! Win a Cake for your Daddy.

  46. Breighanne Says:

    Yay!!! for Cake and Yay for Clinton!

  47. Hannah Says:

    Go Clinton!! Go Clinton! Get some cake!

  48. Glenn Bennett Says:

    I’m voting for Clinton! It can’t get any better than this one!

  49. Daisy Says:

    Hip Hip Hooray for Clinton.

  50. Brian Says:

    Clinton we are cheering for you.

  51. Susan Tannr Says:

    Go Clinton… your dad that cake.

  52. Leigh-Anne Singleton Says:

    Go Clinton! Get that cake.

  53. PA Says:

    My vote for you

  54. Howard Says:

    My favorite kid

  55. Cherry Says:

    Cute photo

  56. Jennifer Says:

    Vote for Clinton

  57. Ronda Says:

    Win a cake!

  58. Duke Says:

    Hope he wins!

  59. Tammy Garrett Says:

    Rrraarrrrr! Lol too cute!!!

  60. Wade Says:

    Cool guy

  61. Kristy Says:

    We love Clinton’s photo!

  62. Patricia Says:

    My fav!!!!!

  63. Julie Says:

    Too funny! Hope you win.

  64. Ann Beall Says:

    Go Clinton!

  65. Tracie Says:

    wild man!

  66. Bill Says:

    Too funny!

  67. Michelle Says:

    What a silly face!

  68. Sylvia Says:

    Too funny!!!!

  69. Teresa Caldwell Says:

    Clinton needs to win this cake…Go Clinton!

  70. Chris Says:

    The Parker evil eye stare.

  71. Karen Says:

    here’s another vote

  72. Tracey Long Says:

    Best wishes Clinton!

  73. Stephanie Says:

    Wasn’t sure where we are supposed to vote? I vote for Clinton!

  74. Tanya Says:

    Count on Clinton to always make you laugh.

  75. Kerri Says:

    Good Luck!!

  76. Leigh-Anne Singleton Says:

    Here’s a new vote!

  77. Breighanne Says:

    Trying again!

  78. JJ Says:

    How funny!

  79. Hannah Says:

    Go Clinton!!

  80. Daisy Says:

    I want Clinton to win this cake. I am betting another funny picture would be available from that photo opportunity :)

  81. Brian Says:

    Clinton is the Funniest!

  82. Andrea Elmore Says:

    Cake is yummy!

  83. Christopher Parker Says:

    thats my cousin!! hilarious

  84. Tracy Says:


  85. lorene Says:

    cute !

  86. Pam Jones Says:

    We love Clinton!!!

  87. Christina K. Says:

    All boy!

  88. megan Says:


  89. Carolyn Says:

    cake cake cake cake!!!!

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