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Funny Kids Contest » anne

Summer Swim

Summer Swim

31 Responses to “anne”

  1. Anne M. Says:

    please vote!

  2. Anne M. Says:

    voted! so cute!

  3. David Says:

    voted for mr. goggles!

  4. C.J. Says:

    Voted! :D GOOD LUCK! :D

  5. Garrett Says:

    Voted By GM

  6. Mary Says:

    Voted! Wishing you a win!!!

  7. Dawn Says:

    Voted for ya! Good luck! ♥

  8. Tracie Says:

    voted ! hope you win

  9. Susan Says:

    such a cutie -hope he wins

  10. Susan Says:

    cutie-hope he wins

  11. Donna K Says:


  12. Judy Says:

    So Cute! Love it!

  13. Ty Says:


  14. jean Says:

    voted. good luck!`

  15. dublrs Says:

    Good luck! I hope you win! Love that picture!!!

  16. ashley Says:

    voted, 4 the cutie!

  17. Dave Says:

    what a handsome boy!

  18. Jennyd Says:


  19. Barbara Says:

    Good Luck and Blessings

  20. Melissa Says:


  21. Brittney Says:

    he gets my vote!

  22. Susan Says:


  23. Karen Mead Says:

    I vote for you! Good luck Anne :)

  24. Dan Says:


  25. C.J. Says:

    Voted! GOOD LUCK! :D

  26. Susan Says:

    Voted – Be a winner

  27. Julie Cutshaw Says:

    my votes for anne’s little grandson the cute swimmer good luck

  28. Susan Says:

    Here’s my vote.

  29. Ronnie Says:

    Cast my vote for goggles.

  30. Leah Says:

    Voted for the cutie!

  31. Dawn Says:

    So cute!!!!! Good luck! ♥

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