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Funny Kids Contest

Friday, August 6th, 2010

We asked you all to submit your photos for our funny kids contest. The results are hilarious and amazing. So, we thank you. Now, on to the contest part. Please vote for any photo that you think should win. Vote only one time per photo and vote by Monday at noon. The photo with the most votes will win. The winner of course will win free cake!

Do you want 4 months of Free Cake?

Tuesday, July 20th, 2010

To do so, simply be the person to suggest the Bake Me A Wish facebook page to the 4000th fan.

Here’s how: go to Click on the link underneath the profile image that says “suggest to friends.” Suggest to as many friends as you’d like. We will also give one fan a cake, just for being a “fan.”

Don’t make me wait too long though, I like want to give away cake! And just to make it fun, we will give a singular sensation cake to the 3800th, 3900th fan as well!

Celebrity Scavenger Hunt Winner

Saturday, June 26th, 2010

Check out the funny images of Meryl here and then congratulation Mary Cummings on winning the scavenger hunt and on recently having her 37th anniversay! Nice work!!

Cake Contest Giveaway!

Thursday, May 27th, 2010


In honor of Memorial Day Weekend, we would like to send off a cake for a upcoming soldier’s birthday (anytime this summer). Please nominate your favorite soldier by posting here or on facebook. We will choose based on the most people who nominate a specific soldier!

Toddler’s Need Cake- The BBC Says So

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

The BBC reports on a new study that says toddlers need food like cake. We couldn’t agree more!

A new survey shows some nurseries are giving children too much in the way of fruit and vegetables, and not enough starchy carbohydrates to meet their energy needs. Have healthy eating messages left us in a state of confusion about what children should be consuming?

This latest study carried out by the local government regulatory body Lacors focused on children in nursery schools across 29 English councils. While finding that some children were being given portions that were too large and too high in salt, others were simply not being offered enough at all.

The report highlighted the pressure parents, who are themselves constantly warned of the perils of childhood obesity, place on nursery staff to offer low calorie fare. It is a growing problem, according to the National Day Nurseries Association.

“Parents are aware of the importance of ensuring their child eats healthily to avoid obesity and health problems in later life, but this can sometimes lead to parents making requests that their child follows a strict diet, such as skimmed milk and low-fat foods,” says its chief executive Purnima Tanuku.

“Children under five have specific needs, and should not have low-fat diets as their growing bodies need fat and carbohydrates.”

Indeed the low-calorie, high-fibre diets which many adults have been encouraged to embrace are simply not suitable for the under fives.

No skimming

Growing rapidly, this age-group needs a diet which is – proportional to their size – much higher in calories than that of an adult.

Studies have shown that children burn fat much faster than adults – and so skimmed milk and other low-fat dairy products should remain off the menu until they are much older.

It is important that parents do not apply healthy eating messages designed for the whole population to small children
Helen Crawley
Caroline Walker Trust

“And parents really shouldn’t feel too anxious about puddings – sponge and custard is a good dessert to offer, surprising as that may sound,” says Jessica Williams, a paediatric dietician. “This is a much better option than a handful of biscuits between meals.

“There have also been problems with the messages about red meat. It’s a shame some parents feel so worried about it as it really is the best source of iron, and iron deficiency anaemia among toddlers in particular is common.”

Wholegrains and high-fibre dishes are fine in moderation but may fill a child up without providing the calories they need. Seen by some as a nutritional wasteland, easily-digestible white bread is not necessarily a bad option for children, particularly if they have eaten a wholegrain cereal for breakfast.

“And while the five-a-day message must certainly still be there, a child’s portion does need to be smaller so they have room for the other, more substantial items on their plates. They simply won’t get the calories they need from fruit and vegetables, even in large quantities.”

Needing attention

There are in fact concerns that the plight of the underweight child has been forgotten amid the intense focus on childhood obesity.

Studies have shown that being persistently underweight as a child can cause problems over a lifetime, from cognitive impairment to skeletal disorders.

There have been calls for public health policy makers to consider both ends of the body mass spectrum when fixing priorities in child health.

“I think that we are in danger of overlooking these children in the obsession about obesity – and I am not convinced that we have good measures of bodyweight in small children in terms of later risk,” says City University’s Helen Crawley, director of the Caroline Walker Trust which promotes good diet. “We should be much more careful.

“Poor nutritional status in toddlerhood can be linked to permanent cognitive damage and a child never reaching their full potential, as well as shorter stature in adulthood.

“This does not mean that obesity among pre-school children is not an issue as well, but it is important that parents do not apply healthy eating messages designed for the whole population to small children.”


Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010

February 2nd, 2010 – NEW YORK, NY – With the release of her new book, “I’m Still Standing”, Shoshana Johnson, the first black female POW in US History has partnered with Bake Me A Wish! to raise awareness for for supporting soldiers in active duty. During her book signings, Bake Me A Wish! is providing free Singular Sensation cakes to the first 50 people to appear as well as a special PIN code to write a letter on their site.

“It’s difficult to keep morale up when you’re in desolate conditions and surroundings,” said Shoshana. “Thanks to Bake Me A Wish, soldiers are still able to celebrate their birthday – to have a moment that’s theirs alone, no matter where they are in the world.”

“Being apart from family and friends on can be difficult, can be difficult, however we hope that with the help of Soldier’s Angels, we will bring some joy to our troops. We are proud that our company has sent thousands of cakes to our nation’s soldiers abroad fighting on our behalf,” said Josh Kaye, President of

5% of each order place at helps them to send more and more cakes to soldiers serving overseas for their birthday. Apart from donating cakes, they also accept direct orders for loved ones at APO/FPO address, and allow a matched donation for a cake purchase through their freedom cake program.



An Honor From Afghanistan

Thursday, January 28th, 2010

Earlier this week Bake Me A Wish! received a true gift from the 772nd Expeditionary Airlift Squadron – an U.S. flag flown on their mission this past December over the skies of Afghanistan!  Thank you so very much!  We are more than flattered by the thoughts of these good men and women and will cherish this token of their appreciation.  We’re just trying to decide where to hang it in our office!  :o )

We continue to work to hard through our Operation: Birthday Cake program to show our service men and women overseas that we have not forgotten they are in harms way – that we remember their efforts.  5% of each cake sold on our site helps us donate more birthday cakes overseas to troops with our partner Soldiers’ Angels. This honor belongs to all our readers and customers – a big thanks to you to for visiting and shopping with us.


A Wish To Be Thankful For…

Monday, November 30th, 2009

This past Wednesday, Bake Me A Wish! honored the Friends of Island Academy by providing them with a delicious Thanksgivingtable Dinner for their staff and students.  At the event, each member of the organization went around to say what they are thankful for – which was quite an experience.  Many of us take for granted the support we receive from friends, teachers, and family, but we all can learn something from these young adults.  Few of us know what it is like to have the challenges these teenagers face, and with the help of FOIA, they are rebuilding their lives and moving in a positive direction.

You too can help support FRIENDS by ordering a Change Your Life Cake from Bake Me A Wish!


studentsFriends of Island Academy (FOIA) reaches out to youth prior to their release from Rikers Island. Our name reflects the Board of Education school located on Rikers-Island Academy, which is attended by many of the youth while incarcerated. Upon discharge, FOIA provides job training, counseling, education, mentoring, and youth leadership development. In return, participants are expected to stay out of trouble, take responsibility for themselves, and work to rebuild their lives.