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How to Celebrate a Birthday When Your Kids Away at College

Wednesday, August 26th, 2015

Is your child heading off to college this fall? Show them a little birthday love from far away.


It’s that time again — the kids are heading back to school.

For some, that means a short commute. For others, it could mean a trip across the country.

Being that far apart can make getting together on special occasions tricky, if not impossible.

Unless you’ve got the money to spare, you’re probably reserving the cross country trips for the big holidays, like Thanksgiving and Christmas.

That often leaves birthdays out of luck. But it doesn’t mean you can’t still make your child feel good on his or her special day. It just means you have to get clever.

You could…

  • … send a card with cash. What college student couldn’t use a little extra spending money? Gift cards are great too, if you know what stores your kid likes to shop at.
  • … send a gift. Online shops like Amazon make sending gifts simple. The selection is huge and the return policy is lenient, in case you didn’t quite get it right ;)
  • send a cake by mail. What birthday celebration is complete without a cake?

Our nationwide cake delivery service makes it easier than ever to send a gourmet birthday cake. Choose from a huge selection of classic favorites and include a special message to your son or daughter.

We’ll take care of the rest.

If you’re low on time, we can even deliver overnight, so we’re a good last minute solution too.

Your child may be far away, but you can still show them love. Make the best of the situation and surprise them with a cake for their birthday!

Photo Credit: CC Image Courtesy of Sean MacEntee

10 Funny Birthday Quotes From Famous People

Friday, October 17th, 2014

Birthday CakeDid you get somebody a birthday card but don’t know what to write? Here are a few knee-slappers to help you out.

A birthday card is supposed to be easy. Until it comes time to write the birthday girl or boy a personal message. For non-writers, that can seem like a daunting task. But sometimes all it takes is a little support from somebody who has already said it right.

Here are 10 of our favorite funny birthday quotes from famous people:

“You know you’re getting old when the candles cost more than the cake.”
~ Bob Hope

“For all the advances in medicine, there is still no cure for the common birthday.”
~ John Glenn

“Age is strictly a case of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.”
~ Jack Benny

“Birthdays are good for you. Statistics show that the people who have the most live the longest.”
~ Rev. Larry Lorenzoni

“Wisdom doesn’t necessarily come with age. Sometimes age just shows up all by itself.”
~ Tom Wilson

“Aging seems to be the only available way to live a long life.”
~ Daniel Francois Esprit Auber

“As you get older, three things happen. The first is your memory goes, and I can’t remember the other two.”
~ Sir Norman Wisdom

“Youth would be an ideal state if it came a little later in life.”
~ Herbert Asquith

“Just remember, once you’re over the hill you begin to pick up speed.”
~ Charles Schultz

“They tell you that you’ll lose your mind when you grow older. What they don’t tell you is that you won’t miss it very much.”
~ Malcolm Cowley

We hope these funny birthday quotes inspire you in your card writing adventures. And don’t forget the cake! One of these quotes would fit nicely on the included greeting card ;)

How to Surprise Long Distance Family Members on Their Birthday

Wednesday, March 19th, 2014

Chocolate Mousse Torte Birthday CakeMissing out on a family member’s birthday party this year? You can still be a part of the celebration!

It would be great if we could get together with our families for every birthday. But travelling is so expensive these days. For most of us, it’s just not feasible.

Sometimes it feels like the best we can do is a phone call and a card.

Both our sweet and thoughtful. But they’re also predictable.

Wouldn’t it be more fun to really surprise that person?

If you’re dying to be there but know you can’t, you can at least contribute to the festivities by providing everybody’s favorite part — the cake!

Sending a gourmet cake by mail is easier than you might think. Simply choose the birthday boy or girl’s favorite cake, write a personalized message for the card, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Our delectable cakes are delivered nationwide, overnight and are packaged to maintain peak freshness. We guarantee a cake from Bake Me a Wish! will not disappoint.

You may be missing out on the party, but you can still be a big part of the fun. Give them the sweet surprise they deserve — it’s the next best thing to being there.

Send a Birthday Cake to Your College Student

Wednesday, January 15th, 2014

Send Your College Student a Birthday CakeGot a kid in college with a birthday coming up? Send them a sweet surprise!

By now most colleges are back in session after the long, relaxing holiday break. And even though you’re son or daughter was probably looking forward to getting back to school, the start of a new quarter or semester can be a nerve-wracking experience.

New books, new teachers, new assignments. It can be easy for students to get wrapped up in it all and forget to think about their own needs from time to time.

College is an extremely competitive and stressful environment, which is why taking the time to celebrate personal milestones, like birthdays, is so important.

If you’ve got a college student with a birthday coming up, chances are their friends aren’t planning to bake a cake with what little time they have. So why not take care of it for them?

We make it super easy to send a birthday cake of your choosing anywhere in the United States overnight. Just imagine the joy your college student — and a few hungry friends — will feel when a cake is delivered to their doorstep on their birthday.

We have over 25 gourmet cakes to choose from, and each cake comes with a Belgian chocolate Happy Birthday plaque and a personalized greeting card.

If there’s one thing a college student can appreciate on his or her birthday (besides money), it’s great food.

Help ease you’re college student’s stress on their special day and give them something sweet to smile about. We’ll take care of the legwork. Start here.

Photo Credit: CC Image Courtesy of CollegeDegrees360

How to Send a Birthday Cake by Mail

Thursday, August 16th, 2012

Want to learn how to send a birthday cake by mail? In today’s post, we’ll show you how Bake Me A Wish! has perfected the art of sending cakes by mail with their freshness and shape completely intact.

There’s no better way to celebrate a friend or family member’s birthday than with a rich, moist, scrumptious birthday cake.

But sometimes we’re separated by many miles from the ones we love and treating them to a gourmet cake on their birthday may seem impossible.

Luckily, it’s easier than ever to send a birthday cake by mail thanks to our tried and true method for birthday cake delivery.

Bake Me A Wish! has spent the better part of a year testing and perfecting a variety of methods for keeping a cake fresh and delicious enroute, so you can surprise your loved one on their special day with a gourmet birthday cake.

But how does it all work? How can we keep a cake fresh and structurally intact for overnight delivery anywhere in the United States?

We consulted with some of the most experienced packaging engineers in the country to develop a reliable and effective system for sending birthday cakes by mail.

Our Method for Sending a Birthday Cake by Mail

  • How to Send a Birthday Cake by MailThe cake is collared, carefully encased in plastic and placed in a decorative box to help it hold shape and retain freshness for the trip.
  • The decorative gift box with the cake inside is then placed into a molded cooler to ensure safety of the product en route and maintain refrigeration.
  • To ensure the cake stays fresh, we place a large ice pack on top of the cake before completely enclosing it in polystyrene and sealing the box for delivery.
  • At this point, time is of the essence. We work with UPS to ensure the cake is delivered on-time to its appropriate destination.  Cakes packed with this method can arrive in a 72 hour time frame fall-spring, and 48 hours in summer.   Knowing the temperatures of where you ship from and where you’re shipping to are key to determining your ship method.

Learning how to send a birthday cake by mail is easy. But actually doing it takes time, a lot of planning, and finding the right components.  For further safety – freeze your cake first – it will not affect flavor and will help it arrive in one piece!   The molded cooler and ice pack, as well as the interior packaging, however,  are imperative!

If you’re serious about sending a cake to your special someone on his or her birthday, choose from over 25 gourmet cake flavors and we’ll make sure it gets there fresh and on-time, guaranteed!