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Archive for the ‘gross cakes’ Category

On the note of expensive cakes…

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011

This one may cost the baker a pretty penny! There was a People’s Court case posted on YouTube last month about a woman who received a misspelled cake for her daughter’s party – while we feel for the woman (the cake’s frosting was also cracked), suing the baker for $4300 when the cake cost $55 is a little obscene. Granted, if you have a problem with your $55 cake with Bake Me A Wish – we’ll reship or refund with no hassle… couldn’t the baker just give the woman her money back on the cake? Watch and judge for your self! (special thanks to for pointing this one out!)

The Wide (Weird) World of Cakes

Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

No one said my job isn’t interesting. Each and everyday I’m scouring the web for articles on cakes, cupcakes, innovative designs, new recipes… you get the idea. Sites like and others make this a very enjoyable excursion down the information superhighway. The web has been a bit quiet on the subject matter of interesting cakes lately, but I feel like I stuck gold today! I just had to share these two new sites that were brought to my attention – mostly for their “take” on the wide (and weird!) world of cakes. I’m just not sure you’d want to try these, I don’t, but you may get a kick out of checking out their sites.


Looks like a pizza, tastes like a cake. What? I had to review their site twice and then find an article on Fox News to help explain it all to me too! This baker creates custom fondant & sugar pieces, layered over “cake crusts” (I assume a fluffy layer or brownie base) to make her cakes look like pizzas. I don’t have anything against this, per se, but is there really a market for this? Do you want your cake to look like a pizza? Maybe its a guy thing…

Check out the article on – if you dare!



Ok, I’ve been to college. I get it. This company has decided to make a ‘legal’ pot brownie, or cake rather, but using Melatonin as an ingredient. Melatonin, as I’ve learned is a hormone that regulated the sleep cycle in humans – basically, you eat, you get sleepy, you rest well (their slogan – “Relaxation Baked In”). Again, can’t say I’d want to try this, but it can definitely cause a hazard for children. We ran across this article stating the controversy. I suppose a lot like a booze cake (liquor baked in), it’s definitely ADULTS ONLY.

Maybe after you have a Lazy cake you’ll want to eat a Pizza Cake? Time will tell…

An Avatar Cake

Wednesday, July 28th, 2010


Thanks, Cake Wrecks.

Gross Cakes– Not this Week, unless you have a Star Wars Phobia

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

Normally, we like to feature gross cakes on Wednesdays. It’s like watching a train wreck– you sort of love it and hate it at the same time. This week, our illustrious VP found something that we have almost the same love/hate relationship with: STAR WARS CAKES AND CAKE WRECKS.





Top 5 Gross Cakes!

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

This week’s installment of gross cakes, brings us the foot cake, the mole cake, the toilet cake and the roach cake. Ewww….. Share with us your gross internet cake finds!!