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Introducing the new Black and White Mousse!

Wednesday, January 26th, 2011

We’re very excited about this new gift cake made available on our site today – the Black and White Mousse Cake! We wanted to find away to combine the delicious richness of our whipped buttercream mousse with chocolate and our wonderful chefs came up with this scrumptious morsel. Your recipient will thank you on their next birthday!

This delicious fusion of flavor consists of two moist chocolate cake layers sandwiched with heavenly clouds of classic whipped buttercream and decadent chocolate whipped cream, then enrobed in dark chocolate fudge frosting embellished with a white chocolate drizzle and covered with white chocolate shaves all around the sides.

Click here to view the Full Cake!

Black and White Mousse Cake

The Singular Sensation Party Pack has arrived!

Monday, October 26th, 2009

Bake Me A Wish! has launched a sensational gift that can be sent anywhere nationwide for a REAL value! Now you can send a party pack of our singular sensation cake – 4 flavors in all – for under $50 with 2-day shipping!  That’s a two-for-one deal on these delectable little cakes. We include our best selling Cookies & Cream cake, Double Fudge Crunch cake, Apple Crumb Tart and Espresso Brownie. Your recipient is sure to love the extraordinary taste of these outstanding single serve treats.