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Gross Cakes

In this feature of our gross cakes segment, I would like to make a special case for those cakes that should never ever be made. I know that our most recent Tomato Chocolate cake was deemed acceptable (much to my chagrin). However, I challenge you to come up with a way of explaining these cakes away.
Example 1, if it may please the court: Bologna Cake


Yes, it is actually made from Bologna– recipe, here

Example 2: Meat Cake.


This cake is made from meat– as in meat and potatoes. EWWW!

Now, you loyal readers, what do you think?

One Response to “Gross Cakes”

  1. Shannon W. Says:

    The bologna cake, eww. The meat cake from wat I looked up, just seems to be meatloaf and mashed potatoes. Odd, yes. Eww, not really. I wouls eat it, after I asked why the heck it needed to look like a cake.

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