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Gross Cakes

In this feature of our gross cakes segment, I would like to make a special case for those cakes that should never ever be made. I know that our most recent Tomato Chocolate cake was deemed acceptable (much to my chagrin). However, I challenge you to come up with a way of explaining these cakes away.
Example 1, if it may please the court: Bologna Cake


Yes, it is actually made from Bologna– recipe, here

Example 2: Meat Cake.


This cake is made from meat– as in meat and potatoes. EWWW!

Now, you loyal readers, what do you think?

2 Responses to “Gross Cakes”

  1. Shannon W. Says:

    The bologna cake, eww. The meat cake from wat I looked up, just seems to be meatloaf and mashed potatoes. Odd, yes. Eww, not really. I wouls eat it, after I asked why the heck it needed to look like a cake.

  2. 1st art gallery Says:

    So I was stuck at my wits on what to look for and was just about to give up entirely when I came across your post. I really hope the best for you in business.

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