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Happy Birthday to Sandy Beach!


This weekend our Bake Me A Wish reader Sandy Beach (real name!) celebrates her 89th birthday! We are so tickled pink about it that we are featuring a two photos. Plus, if we get 30 people to comment on this post and wish her a happy birthday, we will send her out a special birthday cake!

Her she is holding her first grandson!

Her she is holding one of her many grandchildren!

Now what are you waiting for, start commenting already!

31 Responses to “Happy Birthday to Sandy Beach!”

  1. Natalie J. Vandenberghe Says:

    What a beautiful family! Congratulations! Hope you have a wonderful celebration of your special day.

  2. Lura Says:

    Happy Birthday beautiful Grandma!! I really appreciate that Bake me Wish honors birthdays and supports our military. So glad I can spend your birthday with you this year Gram. I love you

  3. Jana Says:

    Hope she gets that cake!!! Happy Birthday, Sandy.

  4. Karisa Lyons Says:

    Happy Birthday! You look beautiful!

  5. Allie Says:

    Finally! This might be it! Happy Birthday Grandma! We love you so much!

  6. Andy Lyons Says:

    Happy Birthday!

  7. Jeremiah Boylan Says:

    Happy Birthday!

  8. Sandra Carrasco Says:

    Happy Birthday!! Hope your day will be wonderful!!

  9. Bill Knapp Says:

    Happy Birthday Sandy!!!

    I wish you many more, to enjoy your precious family!!!

  10. Amy fink Says:

    Happy Birthday!!!!!!!

  11. Stacy vernon Says:

    Happy birthday sandy beach!!!

  12. Emily Skipper Says:

    Happy birthday Grandma Beach!

  13. Jeff & Jolan Says:

    Happy Birthday Mom! We love and miss you, and also want a bite of cake-yum yum!
    Love-Jeff & Jolan

  14. Flor Carrillo Says:

    Happy Birthday granny we send to you hugs , Stefany, Lorenzo, Jose,and Flor have a wonderful day and enjoy you cake.

  15. Alison Says:

    What an awesome family!! Happy Birthday!

  16. Stefany Diaz Says:

    Happy Birthday Granny i hope you have a great Birthday.

  17. lorenzo diaz Says:

    Happy birthday granny it is great theat you live in the appartments and thank you for everything you did for us.

  18. MISTY Says:


  19. Sandy Beach Says:

    What a nice surprise! Thank you.

  20. Delana Says:

    Happy Birthday!! I hope you have a wonderful day!

  21. Claire Flory Says:

    Happy Birthday Aunt Sandy! Love you!

  22. Gloria Beach-Popp Says:

    Hope your birthday was full of merriment and the year full of blessings.
    Love, gloria

  23. Sean Skipper Says:

    Hope your birthday was wonderful!

  24. Sierra Skipper Says:

    Happy Birthday!

  25. Jordan Skipper Says:

    Hope you had a great birthday!

  26. Sean Skipper Says:

    Happy Birthday Grandma Beach!

  27. Trandon Boylan Says:

    Happy Birthday Grandma! Love you!

  28. Christina Boylan Says:

    Happy Birthday! Enjoy your cake!!

  29. Bryon Schreiber Says:

    Happy Birthday Sandy!

  30. klibby Says:

    Happy Birthday Sandy!! A present from Bake Me A Wish is on its way!!

  31. Scott Boulant Says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY !! All the GOOD people are born in June.
    Love Scott & Pixie

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