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Help Choose A Winner– Funny/Lovely Cakes

Yesterday, I asked our Twitter Party fans to send in their favorite cake photos. We got back a couple of truly funny cakes. I’m going to pick a winner at random but I wanted to see which cakes were your favorite! Vote on your favorite photo by leaving a comment underneath the picture or on the main page.

20 Responses to “Help Choose A Winner– Funny/Lovely Cakes”

  1. Cindy Says:

    cake 151- musical black and white cake

  2. Gina Lannin Says:

    The dragon cake is AMAZING!

  3. Sheila Says:

    I would have to say Cake #82, that would have to be my most favorite!!

  4. Virginia from Lady V dZine Says:

    I was sad to see my e-mailed entry didn’t get included, since I couldn’t get the post thing to work on here. That being said, I love the dragon cake.

  5. Miriam T. Says:

    Wow. So many talented cake makers! I love the dragon cake and the two spongebob cakes!

  6. Sue E Says:

    I think the Spongebob Cake #132 is the funniest.

  7. Jennifer Says:

    I’m voting for my son’s Wubbzy cake, but wow to the dragon cakes details.

  8. Theresa MacNaughton Says:

    Cake #32 is so cute!

  9. theneedlenerd Says:

    i love cake 82

  10. Bob Boyle Says:

    Everyone in Wuzzleburg (population 253,879) votes for the awesome Wubbzy cake!
    Great job!

  11. Tricia @Nightowlmama Says:

    Wubbzy is our favorite! My boys LOVE Wubbzy

  12. JoeyfromSC Says:

    Cake # 52 is awesomE!! Best of luck to everybody!!

  13. Jenn@FFP Says:

    I’ll have to vote for the Spongebob 132!!! ;D

  14. chriscee Says:

    I would have to say cake #132 it is sooooo cute, and my 5 yr. old and I love spongebob.

  15. Barbara Says:

    Hey how ’bout showing #52 some love LOL! The twitter party was my idea :)

  16. Cynthya Says:

    I vote for #82, the Dragon cake.

  17. Lindsey Says:

    Cake #82 looks really awesome.

  18. Shannon Schulte Says:

    I vote for my cake #62!

  19. Lauren Says:

    I vote for #62!

  20. Patricia Alner Says:

    I love cake #62! So that is where you can register my vote.

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