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Celebrity Scavenger Hunt #3

Name 1 additional project besides Harry Potter than Daniel Radcliffe has been involved in!


24 Responses to “Celebrity Scavenger Hunt #3”

  1. Katie Says:

    The play, Equus

  2. linda dunphy Says:

    december boys

  3. Lisa Grassetti Says:

    The Tailor of Panama

  4. Rebecca Jahnke Says:

    Te stage production of Equus. I still can’t believe little Harry Potter was naked! LOL

  5. Steph Says:

    The 2007 film December Boys.

  6. Laurie Says:

    He played John Kipling in My Boy Jack

  7. Janice Says:

    Maps in December Boys

  8. Anne M. Says:

    “Equus” the play

  9. Kristen Paskus Says:

    My Boy Jack

  10. Elliott Paskus Says:


  11. Hannah B. Says:

    He was in Equus on Broadway.

  12. Donna B. Says:

    He was in the play Equus on Broadway.

  13. Anne Says:

    He was in the movie The Tailor of Panama before he was in Harry Potter, it was his feature film debut.

  14. Barbara C Says:

    played Broadway in Equus

  15. Suzanne S Says:

    David Copperfield

  16. jennifer giordano Says:

    “Equus” the play

  17. Meaghan F. Says:

    He was in the movie December Boys. It was a bit of a sad, coming-of-age story. Very well acted by him though.

  18. Claudia Mcgee Says:

    December Boys (2007)

  19. jengd Says:

    DR was in the stage play “Equus” both in the UK and in NYC I believe. It was very controversial since he was nude at one point but it was supposed to be a fabulous run of the play.

  20. CrystalGB Says:

    He was in the play Equus.

  21. Lynn Says:

    He was in December Boys (2007).

  22. Shannon Schulte Says:

    Equus play @sethandshannon1

  23. chris swan Says:

    David Copperfield as young David Copperfield

  24. Pamela S Says:

    Equus on the stage.

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