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Do you want 4 months of Free Cake?

To do so, simply be the person to suggest the Bake Me A Wish facebook page to the 4000th fan.

Here’s how: go to Click on the link underneath the profile image that says “suggest to friends.” Suggest to as many friends as you’d like. We will also give one fan a cake, just for being a “fan.”

Don’t make me wait too long though, I like want to give away cake! And just to make it fun, we will give a singular sensation cake to the 3800th, 3900th fan as well!

3 Responses to “Do you want 4 months of Free Cake?”

  1. Claudia M Says:

    is it ok to e-mail friends also ? because thats what i also did beside suggest to friends and twitter :) @cdmtx65

  2. klibby Says:

    Of course! Thank you!

  3. Shannon Schulte Says:

    Suggested to all my friends on FB!

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