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A Personal Experience – Mothering America’s Soldiers

Part of our Mother’s Day Soldier Event in Times Square this past May 5th included participants from the Friends of Island Academy, a wonderful program here in New York City that aims to prevent youth recidivism by acclimating youths into society through eduction & support. We received a wonderful email this morning from one our FOIA volunteers – read on:

“My experience with Bake Me A Wish! was very rewarding. We spent the morning asking pedestrians to write notes of appreciation and encouragement to [soldiers overseas]. With every note that was filled, a cake was sent to a soldier and a free sample was given to the writer.

Initially it was discouraging. We passionately tried to grab the attention of early morning New Yorkers on their way to work with limited success. The light drizzle, the nearby peddles and the early morning rush were all reasons to people to ignore us. The cause was worth the frustration. We continued to try our best and eventually more and more people gave us their time to us.

We began at 6:30am. By 9:00am, we had given out more than a hundred samples and received so many letters (editors note: over 1500 letters were received in total!). It was a great way to start the day. The soldiers sacrifice their lives for our freedom everyday. It was an honor to sacrifice one morning to honor and assist the protectors of our liberties. My name is Shiasia Morrison, I just want to thank Bake Me A Wish for that once in a lifetime opportunity.”

Thanks Shiasia! It was wonderful to have you at our event and we highly appreciate your support and dedication to our troops!

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