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Pixar includes Bay Area “Burger Cake” in upcoming release “UP” – “The new movie “UP” contains some of the most obvious Bay Area references yet. I wrote a story in today’s Chronicle about the cameo by Fentons Creamery, which shows up in animated form and sort of works in to the movie’s plot. “Up” director Pete Docter and producer Jonas Rivera told me in the same interview that protagonist Carl Fredricksen’s helium balloon-powered house was modeled after a Victorian that Docter regularly drives by in Berkeley. (Neither filmmaker would reveal the location.)burger_poster180x2661

But my favorite blink-and-you’ll miss it East Bay in-joke is a tribute to Merritt Bakery, the awesome old school bakery and restaurant on the south end of Lake Merritt in Oakland. Look closely on Russell’s sash with all of his Wilderness Scout awards, and you’ll see a small patch with a hamburger and a candle.

Here’s Jonas Rivera’s explanation:

“Pete and I, when we work on a film, we go almost every week at night (to Merritt Bakery) to sit at the counter and eat cake and talk about the movie. One of the things we saw over there was the burger cake — it’s shaped like a hamburger. We thought ‘That is so ridiculous,’ so we made it a trend to buy that for our crew meetings. And one of Russell’s badges is a burger cake. There’s some Oakland love in the movie.”"  Courtesy of Peter Hartlaub,



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