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World’s Largest Wedding Cake

Ever wondered what the world’s largest wedding cake looks like?


At 15, 032 pounds and 17 feet tall, this thing is three times the size of the cake that currently holds the world record. The cake team baked 700 sheet cakes and put them all together to build the giant cake. They had to use steel discs as cake boards, heavy duty metal pipes as separators, and two fork lifts to put each tier in place as it was finished.


One Response to “World’s Largest Wedding Cake”

  1. Sheila V Says:

    The Boston Creme Cake looks perfect for a family get together. My stepdad has been diagnosed with a terminal condition and we don’t expect him to be here much longer. My brother is coming down for the Thanksgiving holidays so I thought it would be great for us to have an early family birthday party for dad while we were all here.

    So I would like for “Jerry” to be able to celebrate with the Boston Creme Cake. Jerry will be 79 years old Dec 10th.

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