Tweet Tweet- Twitter Party!

For our Twitter party tomorrow, we want you to do a little bit of homework. Our first question will only be given to someone who has commented on this post.  Find an inspirational story related to Operation Birthday Cake from somewhere on the web and paste the link or the story below!

About the Freedom Cakes:

When you purchase the Freedom Cake for a recipient here in the US, Bake Me A Wish! will deliver a gourmet cake to a soldier serving overseas, in the name of your recipient. Each cake features a special card informing the recipient that a cake has been sent to a soldier in their name, alongside an imprint of the American Flag.

This program is in coordination with our partner, Soldiers’ Angels, who provides us with soldiers in need of encouragement and support.

42 Responses to “Tweet Tweet- Twitter Party!”

  1. Derek Says:

    This is really great what you guys are doing! =]

  2. Kelly Ann T. Says:

    I found this story on the web about the Freedom Cakes.

  3. Amanda West Says:

    I found this story

    It’s great that she is finding a way out of foreclosure with the help of your company and she is working to help support Operation Birthday cake as well!

  4. Heather Smith Says:

    I found a few articles…

    and I liked this video

  5. Shannon Schulte Says:

    I think it’s wonderful! @sethandshannon1

  6. TerriAnn Says:

    Giving is always a good thing.

  7. @ivannawin Says:

    this is so amazing… they so deserve it

  8. Laurie Says:


  9. mandy mccalister Says:

    what an awesome program

  10. Lynn Says:

    Here’s a nice story:

  11. Andrea H Says:

  12. Jill H Says:

    Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate

  13. Jeannine M Says:,cntnt01,detail,0&cntnt01articleid=162&cntnt01origid=256&cntnt01returnid=256

  14. Shannon Schulte Says:

    @sethandshannon1 Great one!

  15. Brenda Hensley Says:

    i found this story

  16. Anne M Says:

  17. Barbara Says:


  18. Rebecca Jahnke Says:

    This is so wonderful. My nephew is a solider and I know his troops would love this!

  19. Ann A Says:

    @Onetwomany on twitter

    Soldier’s Angels Network -

  20. Veronica Vasquez Says:

    I think that’s awesome! @ChaoticKarma23

  21. Tracy P Says:

  22. Jill H Says:


    From @jillyrh on twitter at the party

    And now I’m even MORE hungry! :-D

  23. Donna B. Says:

    I found this :)

  24. Joshua Says:

  25. Lori C. Says:

  26. Janice Says:

    what a great program :)

  27. lola malone Says:


  28. sunrae17 Says:

  29. Tracy P Says:


  30. sunrae17 Says:,cntnt01,print,0&cntnt01articleid=162&cntnt01showtemplate=false&cntnt01returnid=256

  31. Gayle W Says:

    Such a great thing you are doing

  32. Michelle S Says:


  33. Cheryl Christian Says: This is a great project @PlumSage

  34. Chrisann Says:

    Love this!


  35. katmagick Says:

  36. Mishia Says:


  37. chris swan Says:

    I found this in a newletter from COL David B. Haight ! Great work.

  38. NJJ Says:

    Found a great article! What a great way to honor soldiers

  39. Angelynn Says:

    I can only imagine the look on a soldier’s face after getting one of these delicious cakes. The chocolate mousse torte is to die for!

  40. Angelynn Says:

    I can only imagine the look on a soldier’s face when he/she gets one of these cakes! The chocolate mousse cake is to die for!!!

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