Breaking News! The Statue of Liberty & Our Nation’s Birthday


Bake Me A Wish! has been tapped to participate in the re-opening of the Statue of Liberty’s Crown this July 4th by the National Park Service and to be the official birthday cake provider for this celebration.  More to come as the event develops!

The Statue on the 4th of July

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4 Responses to “Breaking News! The Statue of Liberty & Our Nation’s Birthday”

  1. Mariano Says:

    Awesome news! Congratulations guys!

  2. Theresa Says:

    Now thats is something to celebrate! Congratulatons and continued success

  3. Shelle Michaels Says:

    I am THRILLED to participate in yet another amazing event with the marvelous BAKE ME A WISH TEAM!! You all are the greatest!!!!


  4. Janet Hearnsberger Says:

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