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Funny Kids Contest

We asked you all to submit your photos for our funny kids contest. The results are hilarious and amazing. So, we thank you. Now, on to the contest part. Please vote for any photo that you think should win. Vote only one time per photo and vote by Monday at noon. The photo with the most votes will win. The winner of course will win free cake!

22 Responses to “Funny Kids Contest”

  1. susan Says:

    i vote for him :)

  2. lynn hogaboom Says:

    i vote for waylan

  3. Joan H. Maclure Says:

    I vote for Waylan

  4. Peter Denis Says:

    I’m voting for Sydney Mathis.

  5. Tracie Says:

    I vote for Clinton!

  6. M Says:

    Vote for Ayden!

  7. theresa Says:

    i vote for the barcaks!

  8. MaryAlyce Hofsess Says:

    I vote for jodidawson

  9. MA Hofsess Says:

    I vote for Andrew

  10. DE Hofsess Says:

    I vote for Andrew submitted by jodidawson

  11. D Hofsess Says:

    Andrew – posted by jodidawson should win

  12. m Hofsess Says:

    jodidawson’s photo of Andrew should win

  13. Stephanie Says:

    I vote for Clinton!

  14. Saundra Says:

    The chicken costume is adorable! My vote for sure!

  15. Michele Says:

    I vote for WendyMuncey.

  16. Anessa Mize Says:

    I vote for Clinton Parker. Watch out T-Rex!

  17. Hannah Says:

    My vote is for Emma- the cute little girl in pigtails!

  18. Bethany Says:

    My vote is for the little girl in pink!

  19. Josh Says:

    Voting for the girl in pink!

  20. Cathy Says:

    I vote for the blonde girl in pigtails with her eyes rolled up. Reminds me of a Cupie doll!

  21. Cathy Says:

    Go Emma! You are the funniest/cutest!
    In your pink sweater. What are you looking at?

  22. Saundra Says:

    I vote for wendymuncy’s picture.