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Memories of Fall… Caramel Apple Cake Giveaway!

As weathers cool, leaves change and kids are back in school, I’m reminded of the wonderful memories I have of the autumn season. I recall seeing friends again after a summer away & the haunted houses we’d go to. As a younger child, it meant hay rides, apple orchards, cider and caramel apples. It’s interesting that September seems more a fresh start for me then, say, new years. In my mind, this is the start of new beginnings and old comfort.

As a salute to fall, I want to give away to one of our readers a Caramel Apple Crumb cake – the perfect cake for an autumn breakfast (or late night treat!). All you have to do is comment on this post and tell us what your favorite memory of fall is. Have at it – we’ll announce a winner on facebook and twitter on Monday morning, so you have until then to comment.


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42 Responses to “Memories of Fall… Caramel Apple Cake Giveaway!”

  1. Yael Maxwell Says:

    My favorite memory of fall is going to the pumpkin patch by my house as a kid and picking out the biggest one my mom could possibly carry!

  2. jamie Says:

    This looks so yummy Thanks for the giveaway

  3. Charlene Says:

    This cake looks wonderful! I would love to try it!

  4. Ty Says:

    My little just had a birthday but no one can ever have too much cake! This cake is a must try, I can see. Thanks for the opportunity!

  5. Amy Brown Says:

    My favorite fall memory is going to my mema’s house pretending we were adventurers “stealing” the neighbors apples before they could catch us. I always felt so alive and devious…never knew my mema died that the neighbors always knew of our game!

  6. Pat Franco Says:

    Living in Southern Fl. does not offer much in the way of Fall as most know it, but I when visiting northern places on trips during the Fall we bring back leaves and other foliage like tree twigs to create a Fall motif in our home, this makes for great memories of the trip and this time of year.

  7. Becky Mapes Jahnke Says:

    When I was about 8 I went to a Halloween party at a classmates house, it was the first Halloween party I had ever been to. Her house was all decorated and we played games and won prizes. I remember thinking that was the greatest thing in the world because I had never been to a party that wasn’t a birthday party, I don’t think I had even realized people had parties for Halloween until then. I remember the best part was we bobbed for apples and I won a little stuffed pumpkin. I think I still have that pumpkin around some where!

  8. Angie Says:

    My favorite fall memory of all time was october of 2008. My husband came home from Iraq that month. After almost 9 months apart he was finally home and we loved spending every minute with each other. carving pumpkins, making caramel apples; we even went on the ghost tour in Wilmington, nc and had a great time! Truley my best “fall” every!

  9. Lunachique Says:

    My favorite memory of Fall is going glamping with my family. Glamping is camping, only in a teeny RV. There were lots of apples, acorns, berries, and squirrels. The campground we used to camp out used to be Jellystone Park once upon a time. There was a ginormous fiberglass Yogi. His mouth was open so you could put your ear on his belly and hear the wildlife skittering around inside!

  10. Debbie Says:

    Autumn is my absolute Favorite time of year! I remember as a young girl getting up early on the weekend, packing a lunch and saddling up my horse for an all day ride. New England fall days are amazing in that you have the crisp, clear days with sunshine warming you and the look and smell of the leaves… unbelievable. Still vivid in my mind’s eye 30 years later~

  11. lola malone Says:

    Since my birthday is in October, every year as a child, my mom and day would let me have a birthday party complete with a weenie roast. Mom made a pot of chili every year, and friends and family would visit and stay till way after dark roasting marshmallows and sitting around the fire. as soon as it gets cool outside, I have to make a pot of chili. It just seems like the perfect thing for the fall.

  12. Donna B. Says:

    My favorite memory of Fall was 1990, my son just turned 1. We had an oak tree in the front yard, and there was a huge pile of leaves. I have a ton of pictures of him playing on those leaves that fall (at one point, he even made an “leafgloo” and was sitting inside the pile of leaves LOL). Good times :)

  13. Sydney Mathis Says:

    Fall is one of my favorite times of year – crisp weather and colorful trees. I love hiking through the woods with a chill in the air. We enjoy finishing the hike with hot apple cider around the firepit. I must say, an accompaning caramel apple cake woud round out the day nicely!

  14. @Avonlady02 Says:

    My favorite memory of fall was when me and my son went to the forest to get fall leaves and pinecones to decorate the house; and make a wreath for the door all from nature. I remember looking at my little guy crawling over stumps and looking under rocks he was collecting bugs while I was collecting the leaves and pinecones.

  15. Marsha Says:

    My favorite memory of fall is my mother. She loved fall. She loved mums, and to watch the different colors of the the leaves. She passed in October, during her favorite season. Fall makes me think so much of my mother.

  16. Birdie S. Says:

    My fav fall memory was going to Julian & pickin apples & drinking HOT apple cider with my daughter it even snowed it was so lovely up there we brought back many apples & I made apple sauce , not a wonderful Apple Crumb Cake like you have though.

  17. Linda Bundrick Says:

    My favorite memory of fall is going pumpkin picking with my dad and sisters and they had a sign u pay one price for all the pumpkins you can carry. All 5 of us just kept piling pumpkins into my dads arms and he literally crawled to the stand to pay. I don’t think we ever laughed so hard he was covered in dirt and pumpkin guts and smelled awful on the car ride home. He was such a good sport about it :) !!

  18. SunRae Says:

    Fall is my favorite season. My favorite fall memory is when went to the Smokey Mountains and the beautiful fall colors everywhere you looked. Miles and miles of reds, yellows and oranges! We even saw a bear cub next to a stream – remmeber my mom telling us to stay back because the mama bear was close by. We were kids we didn’t care about the mama bear! lol I remember this clearly even though it was 30 years ago!

  19. Barbara C. Says:

    My favorite Fall memory is when I was around 8 years old, my sister, cousins and I were playing in the leaves outside a church rectory. There were so many we could hardly see each other when we dived in. We spent hours jumping in leaves, throwing them up in the air, and giggling. To this day I have urges to jump in when I see a pile of leaves..and sometimes do!! At every child’s birthday party, I gather all the wrapping paper and throw it up in the air as we did the leaves that day…the little ones love it. Good, clean fun and happy memories for sure. Happy Fall to you! :)

  20. Laurie Says:

    My favorite memory of fall is going to the mountains and seeing the gorgeous fall leaves in every imaginable color. Also, the mountains have some great Fall Festivals. One in particular I love is where they make fresh apple cider – you can watch them make it with fresh apples. It is the perfect treat for a cool, crisp fall day!!

  21. Michelle Says:

    My favorite fall memory is going to the local pumpkin patch, which has hay rides, and enjoying one with the whole family, and then picking out which pumpkins to carve while sipping hot apple cider!

  22. Kristen Paskus Says:

    My favorite Fall memory would be when the leaves would start to turn their colors. I loved to see the beautiful colors and when the leaves began to drop, we would rack all the leaves in our yard up into a huge pile and play in that for hours. Fall makes even the little things seem endlessly wonderful!

  23. Marianne Says:

    My absolutely favorite memory of fall was going camping in the North Carolina Mountains with my “then” boyfriend who is now my husband. We visited Cherokee, Chimney Rock and Grandfather Mountain. The fresh crisp air in the morning was perfect to get a campfire going and we cooked breakfast. Seeing the incredible brilliant colors of orange and red and yellow was just awe inspiring. We made smores over the fire at night. Yep that was 11 years ago and we need to do it again!

  24. Melisa bass Says:

    My favorite memory of fall used to be the start of football games & tailgating with friends, playing outside until it got dark & enjoying the cool yet not too cool air…But not that I’m into my second year of fall with my son, I have a new favorite memory….ThE pumpkin patch & halloween!! The excitement i have when I start planning the weekend were going to the “patch” is unbelievable! And picking out the costume & taking those funny pics to send to all your family is the best :)

  25. Amber Says:

    My favorite fall memory is a last camping getaway when I was 12 or so..fam went to Mt. Rainier and decided to stay at a hotel b/c it was too chilly to camp. Pool, laughing going to movies, shopping for school was the last time we were all together and I’ve never forgotten. this time of year I always have a sort of memory trip and I always revisit that one.

  26. Jeannine m Says:

    My favorite memory was when my Grandfather came and visted my daughter and I one day. He took us out to lunch and than we took my daughter to the playground. It was my last memory of him being alive (he passed away two weeks later) and I always remeber how special that day was and how my daughter got to spend at least one day with him even though she doesn’t remeber it

  27. Heather L. Says:

    Last fall I took my son on a mini-vacation to my cousin’s house. We went to a huge pumpkin patch with countless activities for the kids, including a giant slide, adult-sized tricycles, a playgroud that resembled a hamster cage, corn maze… My son was 1 1/2 and hated to get dirty, but when we got off the hayride to the pumpkin patch he was down in the muddy dirt doing what boys do best! That night, we drove the short distance for a Halloween/joint birthday party for anyone in the family who had fall birthday’s…the host had a costume for everyone to wear and my great grandma was a sunflower and in a great mood (which was rare). It was the last time I saw my great grandma before she died and it is my favorite memory of her :)

  28. Gayle W Says:

    My favorite memories of fall were from when I was a child. We used to drive up into the foothills to apple country and have hot apple pie with cheese on top. We would play in the mountains and see the beautiful scenery and top it off with yummy pie!

  29. Brittany Says:

    My very favorite memory of Fall is the tradition of pumpkin carving as a kid. We always did it on a weekend afternoon, when we had lots of time to spend as a family. We put on a Halloween-themed movie and made hot chocolate to drink. The kitchen table was covered in newspaper and we all had our own pumpkins. We spent hours carving them and then decorating them with paint and glitter. As soon as we scooped out all the seeds my mom cleaned them, seasoned them, and baked them. We ate the seeds when they were still warm from the oven- so delicious! As soon as it got dark enough, we went outside and put candles in the pumpkins for the very first time. I remember as a child, it almost seemed magical to see them all lit up.

    My kids are very young right now, but I can’t wait to repeat this tradition with them every year. I hope they look back on it as fondly as I do.

  30. Colleen Stadnick Says:

    The smell of the leaves right before we jumped into them; the color of the leaves on the trees in mid-October; picking apples from our very own apple tree in the backyard. Thanks for the yummy giveaway!

  31. Valerie C. Says:

    My two older brothers raked the many leaves in our yard. They made the biggest pile for me to jump in! It was something I looked forward to every fall. So much fun!!!

  32. Nancy Ashburn Says:

    My Favorite Fall memory was when my Granddaughter Kassie was 3. Decorating the yard for Halloween and helping her Uncle Jeff carve pumpkins. that year she wanted to be a bride I do not know where she got the idea.So I made her a wedding gown and she was so adorable and every house her Daddy took her to she would say I am a bride and when they would ask who are you going to marry . Out of the mouth of babes she smiled real big and pointed to her daddy and said , I am going to marry my Daddy cause i love him so much.we had no idea why she wanted the wedding dress but she knew all along.She asked her Daddy if she was the prettiest bride he had ever seen and of course he said yes. She is 20 years old and still says Fall is her favorite time of the year. And is still a Daddy’s girl.

  33. Debra W. Says:

    Favorite Fall memory was getting married almost 31 years ago. October’s my favorite month… roasted pumpkin seeds,pumpkin hunting, caramel apples, the beautiful leaf colors and jumping into huge piles of leaves piled into huge colored mountains.

    My second favorite fall memory is of my young daughter, now a young woman, who was receiving her first leaf helping lesson. While piles of leaves were being raked up, she was asked to help stomp on the bagged leaves so we could fit more into the bags. We came back from a short break to find her stomping all over the unbagged leaves on the ground and scattering our carefully raked piles; she thought she had found a time saving solution! Every autumn I find I’m still laughing when I see piles of leaves on a lawn. Wouldn’t it be lovely to enjoy a delicious caramel apple cake while reflecting on fall memories?

  34. Lori behr Says:

    My Best memories of Fall are going to the Pumpkin Patch with my kids ever year when they were little,picking out the biggest pumpkins we could carry taking them back on the hay ride, then taking them home to carve with Pumpkinmasters designs,and eating carmel apple taffies, yum! Halloween is our favorite holiday and we have ben told by many trick or treaters and their Parents that they come around every year just to see our jack o laterns, that makes it all worth while .My kids learn to decorate pumpkins really well very early on with supervision of course!Happy fall everyone!!

  35. Liza C Says:

    My favorite fall memory is the year that we went to a farm where we got to go through maze made up of hay bales, and then we took a hay ride that ended with apple cider! It was really great fun and something different for a fall activity that we hadn’t done before, outside the normal pumpkin and apple picking.

  36. Tamara B. Says:

    Growing up in Illinois with lots of trees in our yard when I young I remember my brother and I raking up the leaves into big piles. We would run and jump into the piles for hours. Remember the smell of my grandmother’s hot apple spiced cider on a chilly day.

  37. Jane Says:

    My favorite fall memory is going apple picking with my family.

  38. Linda Kish Says:

    When I was young, growing up in New Jersey, I loved raking the leaves and then jumping in them. Living in So Cal we don’t have fall and most of the trees retain their leaves.

  39. Anne M Says:

    I love Fall, and just has you said, it is a time for beginnings..the beginning of the wonderful holiday season! Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, it all seems like a blur once it gets started! Fall is especially great, because of the weather, sometimes getting some final days of warmth to enjoy…One of my fav Fall memories has to do with my sister and myself. She is 10 yrs older than me, so growing up with her, I idolized her, and followed her around like a puppy, lol..even much to her dismay as she became older in her teenage years! At our home, we had a retaining wall on one side of our house about 3-4 ft high (not sure, but it seemed big to me when I was younger). My sister, Dad, and I would rake leaves in the front yard, and rake them off the “cliff” into the back yard, where they would accumulate and then bag them up later. But before they were bagged, my sis and I would spend hours jumping in them, and climbing back up the wall to do it all over again…Even when my sis was older and in high school, she would still play with me every year when it came to be leaf raking time…she loved it almost as much as I did! I treasure and miss those fun Autumn afternoons,…and I was reminded of those days everytime my own children played in the leaves with each other when they were little…I hope they remember those days with their siblings, as fondly as I remember them with my sister… :)

  40. Karen R. Says:

    My favorite memory of Fall was getting married 18 years ago on October 10th. I was hoping for a beautiful fall day in New England, but when I woke up it was pouring! Thunder, lightning…it was not what I dreamed of. We couldn’t take pictures outside that morning but I took some consolation in how the rain had made the foliage look so much more vibrant. I can still remember the vivid colors of the maple trees as we drove to the church. We had a beautiful ceremony that helped us forget about the rain. When it was over, my new husband and I walked down the aisle. Our photographer opened the church doors and we were greeted by bright sun! Unbelievably, the rain had stopped and the sky had completely cleared completely in that one hour. It was a beautiful sunny, fall day after all! Eighteen years later, I’m grateful for how lucky we’ve been and look forward to celebrating our anniversary on 10-10-10!

  41. Sheila V Says:

    As a little girl, I was always so excited about fall. The cooler breeze, the sounds of leaves rustling, and the upcoming approach of the holiday season; just like when you listen to a beautiful live symphony concert and the music they play sends glorious chills throughout your soul ! and I spin…slowly with my arms out to feel every cool brisk and I look up at the sky…the dimming light of fall, and take a deep breath. Ahh, so relaxing, a time when all the earth seems calm. I thank God, I thank God for this beautiful time. I will bask in it as long as the moment allows.

    Those are my fond memories of fall.

  42. Brianna B. Says:

    My favorite fall memory is taking the hayride to the pumpkin patch on the near by farm and running around trying to pick my perfect pumpkin. Then me and my mom would take the hayride back and sit by the bon fire at the farm and eat Cinnamon Apple Cider donuts and drink warm Apple Cider. The smells of that day instantly remind me….it is FALL! Love this time of year!

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