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Happy Birthday Mickey!

82 years ago today, Mickey Mouse appeared on the silver screen for the first time as Steamboat Willie.  I grew up with and am a big fan of Mickey; I’ve probably seen everything that he’s been animated in to.  He will always remain a symbol of fairness, kindheartedness and goodness in this world – an amazing feat for a cartoon!  I think my favorite character he was drawn into was a Bob Crachit in “A Disney Christmas Carol” – true type casting as for this special little mouse who touches millions of people.

So I ask you readers, if you could bake Mickey a cake, what flavor would it be?  I’m thinking…. New York Cheesecake.

Thanks for all the smiles Mickey!


2 Responses to “Happy Birthday Mickey!”

  1. Gisele Says:

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  2. Cami Says:

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