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Gobble, Gobble Giveaway!

WOW!  Thanksgiving week already!  I know someone we need to thankful for here at Bake Me a Wish!  YOU!  That’s why we’re going to give away a Thanksgiving cake to one of our lucky readers.  All you have to do is post a thanksgiving memory here on our blog, we’ll choose our favorite one and have a cake arrive to that person on Wednesday!  HURRY THOUGH!  We have to decide on a winner by NOON tomorrow (post your memory by Tues, 11/23 at noon).  You’ll get to select the cake flavor of your choice!

So what’s your favorite memory from Thanksgiving!?  Personally, I’ll never forget the last time my grandmother was with us for Thanksgiving – it was a “nothing special” Thanksgiving that turned out to be very dear to my heart.   I miss you and am thankful to have known you Gran!


41 Responses to “Gobble, Gobble Giveaway!”

  1. Jodi Says:

    So many great memories to choose from! I think my favorite memories are the ones when we were all able to be together! Joking, laughing, fighting over the sausage stuffing! lol…so many great Thanksgiving moments!

  2. Angie Says:

    My favorite thanksgivng was a few years ago right after hubby returned from IRAQ. His cousin was also at the base we are at so we had our entire family down to our home at the military base for thanksgiving. It was great being able to see our family and beable to make sure our cousin got to see his family on thanksgiving too.

  3. Jacki Says:

    I will never forget the time we had an extended friends and family feast of 18 people and my mom was in charge of pie. We got to dessert and all got a slice of pumpkin pie, only when the first person took a bite they realized my mom had forgotten sugar. Not so yum…though it was to our neighbor at the table who actually is diabetic and loved it :)

  4. Dana Rodriguez Says:

    My favorite memories were gong to my grandmothers house.She made so many delicious home made goodies and it was wonderful to have the whole family together!

  5. Gina Says:

    My favorite Thanksgiving was the year we were all to meet at my home and everyone was supposed to bring something for the dinner. When we all met for dinnertime – my mom + dad brought the turkey my sister, cousins and I all brought pies and cool whip. Everyone thought everyone else was bringing the side dishes. We all had a great laugh – and enjoyed family, turkey and pie that year. We still talk and laugh about it every Thanksgiving – and it was 14 years ago! Having a cake instead of pie this year would be the funniest thing ever – we would all have a good laugh together, especially since my Dad is not with us this year, and none of us were really looking forward to dinner. It would get us all remembering the good times. :)

  6. Christine Says:

    Last years Thanksgiving was one of my most memorable…our best friends from Alabama drove to Virgina to spend the week with us and it was the first year I have ever made the full spread to include the turkey! It was good! I also will never forget my 1st Thanksgiving away from home, it was in FL with my hubby and daughter…we had mexican potluck with friends! Who knew you don’t need turkey for a great turkey day! =)

  7. Wendy Says:

    My favorite memory was Thanksgiving of 2003.

    It was me who was elected to do the cooking that year…and the entire extended family was coming. We had a houseful.

    Not unlike your memory of what seemed like a “nothing special” kind of Thanksgiving…that is how mine was. My daughter was ten then so she was in her glory helping me in the kitchen. She always was so helpful and considerate. When the guests came, she made sure everyone was taken care of. She floated about offering beverages and snacks.

    I don’t even have to pull out the photo that was snapped that day. I have it engraved in my memory. My daughter Olivia in her pretty dress surrounded by the ladies in the family. She was smiling so brightly.

    And like your grandmother, that was my Olivia’s last Thanksgiving. She passed away the following year, seven days before Thanksgiving. I cherish the memory of that last Thanksgiving.

  8. Jennifer McCullar Says:

    My favorite memories is visitng my grandparents home. So many families there and being small. Granddaddy would help us make head bands with feathers from chicken and turkeys and my cousins and I ran all afternoon pretending to be indians. If only I could sit with them again, but I have memories of that time. It will always be in my heart and I’m thankful for that and that I can share Thanksgiving with my children and the love ones still with us.

  9. Laura Says:

    Favorite Thanksgiving memory was when I studied abroad in Italy and we thought it was a good idea to spend $35 on a prix-fixe Thanksgiving dinner. When we walked in, it was decorated like the 4th of July – tons of red, white and blue streamers and American flags everywhere! While I missed my family, it was pretty funny to see how Europeans thought we celebrated the holiday.

  10. Mary Lee Says:

    My favorite memories were from when i was a kid . We would get up and watch the parade and then head to my Grandparents house for the day. I loved hanging out in the kitchen and watching my Grandmother and Aunts cook and if i was luck everyonce in awhile they would give me a spoon with food on it to lick clean . We would then all eat and as soon as we were done my grandpa would play the Saw while my whole family would sit and play Monopoly the rest of the day. We no longer get together since my family lives all over and all the grandkids are grown so i have started special traditions for my children so that they have awesome memories for when they grow up and look back.

  11. Kathy Brockmann Says:

    My favorite Thanksgiving will be the one coming up this Thursday.
    We will have all our children with us, our granddaughter who will be 8 in 2 weeks, our one year old grandson..and most important our son, who is 27, is healthy and will be eating at our table. He suffered a heart attack this past July and survived. And my older sister, who lives in Florida, was on a ventilator this past summer after suffering a massive infection. Through the grace of God, she will be with her children around a Holiday table. Both my son and my sister, I love more then love itself..and I give thanks for their health and them being with us this Thanksgiving.

  12. Stacy Groce Says:

    I have many fond memories about Thanksgiving it is one of the only couple a times a year the whole family gets together. I look forward to seeing my aunt Karen and my granny. My granny is getting old she is close to 80 she still works full time and during holidays she slaves in the kitchen cooking for the family for dinner and baking pies and couple of birthday cakes. I have never ever gotten to get or do something very special for my granny and she means the would to me cuz i never have any money to do anything for her barley have the means to take cake of my own kids but i do my best. My granny is the best thing in my life i love her so much and i know her days are numbered. I would love to win this very special cake just for my granny as a special way to say thank you for everything she has done for me and my kids and to say i love you. I love you granny very much…

  13. Kristy Says:

    My favorite Thanksgiving ever was Thanksgiving Day 1985. My mom (who was almost 9 months pregnant) had been busy all morning preparing our holiday dinner. Right about the time the turkey came out of the oven, mom’s water broke and she went into labor. My dad hurried us all out to the car and dropped my sister and myself at our grandmother’s house. Being little kids we did not understand what was going on. So we ate dinner with our grandma. About 6 hours later we are taken to the hospital to meet the newest member of our family… my sister (who the doctors had said was supposed to be a little boy). It was probably the greatest Thanksgiving ever because that was the day my best friend was born!

  14. Jean F Says:

    Mine was last year. My brother Bobby slow-cooked the turkey. 2:00 expected eating time came and went. Still cooking….Finally, around 4, I had the brilliant idea of asking if we could eat dessert first. My daughters looked at me like I had 2 heads. Dessert before vegetables??? Anyway, we threw caution to the wind and had dessert. An hour later, when the turkey was (finally) done, we had no room in our bellies for the meat and all the fixings!! So On Friday, back we traipsed, to Bobby’s house, for our Thanksgiving dinner.

  15. Amanda Says:

    My favorite memories of Thanksgiving were when my grandparents were still with us; they always hosted, and my grandma’s southern cooking, waking up to the smell of Thanksgiving and watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade are memories I will never forget.

  16. Brianna B. Says:

    I am going to start making my own family memories this year for the first time. I have my own children, two boys and its the first year that will be argument free, which means it will be all memorable happy memories! So excited, I can barely wait!

  17. Hillary Says:

    Ah, Thanksgiving. I always end up at the end of the day with great memories but I can think of one that stands out the most. My husband and I had just met and started dating and decided that it was a perfect opportunity for him to meet my family. We had quite a few extended family members in town and a full house to say the least. We made the rounds, visiting with everyone and finally came to my favorite aunt (my wild and crazy favorite aunt). She started by commenting about how great it was to see me again and how thrilled she was to meet my new beau then decided to update us on her life, always interesting. So she goes on to share about her new hobbies and her “new peircings” and how “gratifying” they were, hint hint. Haha! I was mortified and my husband (boyfriend at the time) was having the hardest time resisting the urge to laugh uncontrollable. I politely excused us after a minute and went on thru the rest of the visit as if nothing had happened, to embarrassed to even think about what she had just shared. As we were leaving that afternoon by husband said to me “Well, that might just be the best Thanksgiving I’ve ever had”.

    Every year, this time of year, that memory pops into my mind and I can’t help but think my favorite aunt sealed the deal for me with my husband. Who wouldn’t want to be in a family where holidays gatherings are never boring. I am always thankful for my favorite aunt and her willingness to “Keep it Real”!!

  18. Anne M Says:

    My favorite memory of Thanksgiving was the year we didnt have turkey, lol, I was probably about 9 yrs old, I think…The house that I grew up in was a 2 story house with a “side porch” that was screened in–you could enter it from our living room on the inside or on the outside it had a latched screen door…It was wonderful to be able to sit out there, especially in the Spring and Fall and enjoy the beautiful weather. At Thanksgiving, my mother always sat a frozen turkey out there in a box to thaw out a couple of days before Thanksgiving (looking back, I wonder why we all didnt get sick from e-coli or something, lol) and bring it in on Thanksgiving morning early to begin cooking. Well, one Thankgsgiving, I heard her yell around 4 a.m….seems the neighbors dog had sniffed out the turkey and had somehow broke through the screen door (it was locked) and pulled the turkey out and went at it..The turkey wrappings and parts were torn apart and scattered about and led right to its house! The neighbors were away at their families out of town. This was before the days of 24 hr. stores, and such, and nothing was open on Thanksgiving. As the rest of my family came over, in hopes of eating that huge Tom Turkey we told them the story, and the funny thing is, we all just had a big laugh, and no one cared…We still had all the trimmings, but w/o the turkey. We were vegetarian before it was cool, haha. We had the best time that year, even though there was no turkey! It was one of the best I can remember…This was a story that will long be in our family history :)

  19. Dawn Says:

    My favorite Thanksgiving Memory was 2007. It was the last Thanksgiving I spent with my aunt in South Carolina before she passed away. We spent the day cooking, eating, strolling down memory lane and then helping put up my grandmother’s Christmas Tree. I will always remember the smile on her face and the warmth of her hugs.

  20. Laurie Says:

    My most memorable Thanksgiving is the time I invited my parents over to Thanksgiving dinner at my new house. I was in my early 20′s and I was so exciting about hosting my first Thanksgiving! My parents lived 3.5 hours away and were driving in on Thanksgiving morning. I decided that I would get a Turkey dinner from the grocery store down the street. I had it planned out perfectly. My parents were set to arrive around noon and I scheduled to pick it up at 11:30. I went to the grocery story ready to pick it up, only to find out that the casseroles were FROZEN and the turkey was cold. I was so upset!! My parents arrived and I was in tears, dumping out all of the casseroles in pots trying to heat them up on the stove so we could have a hot Thanksgiving lunch! It was a Thanksgiving none of us will ever forget. Lesson learned – if you want it done right, don’t take the easy way out – do it yourself!!

  21. Heather L. Says:

    I am guilty of being a “Thanksgiving Overlooker.” I am one of those people who struggle to not dig out the Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving, end up watching Christmas movies and listening to Christmas music around Halloween, and starts Christmas shopping in July!

    There are only three Thanksgivings that stick out in my mind as far back as I can remember. One was last year, which isn’t a good memory as I found out of the passing of one of my friends while I was cooking the turkey. Another was in high school when I couldn’t make it home (I went to a boarding school.) and spent Thanksgiving with my grandparents eating canned turkey… And then there is my favorite, when I was about 10-years-old and my family went to Wisconsin!

    My extended family is very close and my mom’s whole side of the family got together for Thanksgiving at my mom’s aunt and uncle’s house. We have a BIG family and each family brought at least one, but usually more then one, item to contribute to the meal. It truly was a feast! We had TWELVE tables set up all over the house and all ate way too much! The best part of the day, though, was after football was done and the whole family went sledding together! After we were all rosey and smiling we went back inside and made homemade ice cream and drank hot cocoa and apple cider :)

  22. chris swan Says:

    I remember my first Thanksgiving where I cooked. I wanted to do something different so tried a ham. It was a spiral cut from the grocery store. I didn’t realize there was a plastic piece on the bottom and cooked the ham with it in and right before it was done we noticed a plastic smell. When the ham was finished and I took it out it was sitting in melted plastic. We ate only side dishes that year.

  23. SunRae Says:

    Going to my grandparents house when they were still alive. Grandma always had fresh bread and lots of goodies for us! My Aunt and cousins would all be there and we would have a great time. The adults played cards around the table and talked. What a great day!

  24. JEannine m Says:

    My most meromable Thanksgiving (and not in a good way) is the year my Grandfather passed away suddenly after days before thanksgiving. I spent all of thanksgiving in a furneral home. It was also my oldest daughter’s first thanksgiving that yr. I still miss him even though it has been 14yrs

  25. Gayle W Says:

    My best memories of Thanksgiving were the big gatherings we had when I was a kid. The whole big extended family would get together. There was always tons of food and lots of kids to play with. Things were simpler then, being a kid. No stress, no cooking, no worrying about logistics. All I had to do was eat and play :)

  26. Donna B. Says:

    The last Thanksgiving in my gramma’s old house before my grandpa died (and we moved to Florida). Just the feeling of it – my gramma, mom, aunt and me in the kitchen, the men watching TV, the kids running between the 2 groups, helping to set the table, etc. It’s a great memory that I’ll cherish forever.

  27. Natalie J. Vandenberghe Says:

    Every holiday at my parents’ house was memorable and it just wasn’t Thanksgiving dinner if the marshmallows weren’t burned on top of the candied yams! There was always lots of laughter and delicious food. I’m hoping to create good memories for my family. This year, there will be four generations together. We’re welcoming my first grandson to the celebration and we are so glad that my mother is still here (I still need her help making the stuffing).
    Hope you have much to be grateful for this year.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  28. Melanie D Says:

    The one I will never forget was my first Thanksgiving in my first house. The inlaws and a few other family members were there. We are sitting around the table getting ready to have dinner. All I have to do is bring out the turkey which had been sitting on the kitchen counter cooling. Just as I go to get the bird I notice through the pass thru that one of my cats has the bird by the butt. Before I can get out there it went crashing to the floor. Not the best Thnksgiving but surely the most vivid memory.

  29. Diane Says:

    My most memorable Thanksgivings were when I was a kid, my grandmother lives across the road from my mom, and back then we had it at her house, and the whole family would come, aunts, uncles, cousins. And I remember her setting the table with Iris depression glass, It had an iridescent glow to it, and there were these tiny little goblets, that she would put punch it, mix of ginger-ale and cranberry juice. And how big we felt as kids drinking out of those glasses. It was great having all of us together under one roof.

  30. judith Truppa Says:

    I have a picture of when we were kids and weren’t married of all my Mom’s Sisters and all us cousins around my Dad and there Dad’s all standing there with the knives and huge forks ready to get craving, the other was the dessert table of all us kids ready to dive into the array of desserts, those were the days.
    Now the memories we make are with our own children and count our blessings for having what we have today, its a day of love and gratitude and a awesome memory! Especially now that the SISTERS are all in there 90′s!

  31. theresa Says:

    Always having to sit at the “kids” table, even after married! But, we were closer to the deserts and always took advantage of that opportunity!

  32. Shawna OBrien Says:

    My favorite Thanksgiving memory was last year. We had a huge Thanksgiving dinner at my mother-in-laws house with some extended family visiting too. While bringing the turkey to the dinning room table, my mother in-law accidently dropped the turkey on the floor. The look on everyone’s faces was complete surprise and disaster, but then everyone just starting laughing so hard. We cleaned up the Turkey, ate it and had a great Thanksgiving dinner. Now this year, we all can’t wait to give my mother-in-law a hard time about the year she dropped the turkey on the floor.

  33. Elizabeth W Says:

    My favorite Thanksgiving memory was when my pet bird “accidentally” wandered onto our Thankgiving table and started snacking on our turkey… joke!
    My cousins were all over at my house one year, and my cousin who was nine at the time somehow opened the complicated cage we kept my pet cockatiel in, and took her in his hand and place her on the table without anyone seeing! My mom was busy in the kitchen preparing side dishes(she had already placed the turkey in the center of the table), my aunt was chatting with my mom in the kitchen, my other cousins were playing board games on the floor waiting for the food to be served, and I was actually sitting at the table, my head down, reading a book.
    My nine year old cousin started giggling like crazy, and I had no idea why. When my mom came in with the mashed potatos and saw something moving in the turkey she gave out a big shriek and nearly dropped the potatos out of her hand. Everyone stood up and looked over at the table and there she was,Spanky, nibbling at the turkey! She wasn’t eating LIKE a bird, but was actually eating A bird!

  34. Suzanne Says:

    My family hates Thanksgiving (well, my mom at least) so I always try to get invited to someone else’s table. Last year I went with my boyfriend for Thanksgiving with his mom and stepdad and extended family in California, and we had a blast! His family was so nice and welcoming. Their Thanksgiving tradition is a pool tournament, a bracket is made from drawing names from a bowl, and the winner wins however much is in Mike’s (boyfriend’s stepdad) wallet. With $40 on the line, I won both of my games (by win, I mean the other person hit the 8 ball in early, lol) which put me into the final round with Mike… but since I thought my boyfriend had a better chance at the money I told everyone that I lost. Definitely the wrong choice! My boyfriend lost, and Mike won his money back, but I had a great time.

  35. Lori Behr Says:

    Every Thanksgiving becomes a special memory because I always go to my mom’s on Thanksgiving ,there isn’t any other place I would rather be!
    My mom is so selfless ,so compassionate, And a great cook. I love helping her in the kitchen and having your stomach growling as you smell the delicious food cooking .Me and my children can’t wait.When we sit at the table ,before we eat we hold hands and we each share what we are thankful for.

  36. Gina Says:

    Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, so each one is special. But my favorite memory is the last Thanksgiving my dad was alive. The whole family flew in and we had a great Thanksgiving just 2 weeks before his surgery. It was great to be together, eating all our favorite foods and spending time together.

  37. Lisa Says:

    My favorite Thanksgiving memory was in Brazil. My friend and I were in charge of baking the pies. Unfortunately, there was also a huge storm going on outside with thunder and lightning and the electricity kept going off. Everytime the electricity went off, the oven also went off and had to be re-lit in order for the pies to keep baking. The pies were a little overdone, but still delicious nonetheless.

  38. Janice Says:

    since we don’t “celebrate” Thanksgiving, my favorite memory was being surprised with a turkey and the works for a Thanksgiving meal from my friend and her organization :) They dropped it off on Thanksgiving Day so was very nice!

  39. donsterb Says:

    2 years ago, first thanksgiving in our new home.

  40. Jamie S. Says:

    I was 9 and sicker then a dog I was lying under the table as they were bring out the feast and all I wanted to do was curel up and be done with what ever it was I had. I couldnt sit up or I would be sick so I just layed there. Dont ask my why I chose to lay under the table though ? Worst Thanksgiving yet lol.

  41. Bernice Says:

    My most favorite memory is the last Thanksgiving my Mom was at my house. She was a great cook and so it was my honor to take over the cooking of the big meal when she didn’t and couldn’t do it any longer. She came over early that morning and just sat and watched the parade in the kitchen while I prepared a fabulous “Martha Stewart” turkey dinner (of course she had to remove the insides of the turkey, I lied and said I couldn’t find them stuffed down in the cavity!!!!). This will be the 4th Thanksgiving without her and I’ll have the parade on while I make her stuffing recipe and make my sweet potatoes that she loved so much. Miss you Mom, gone too soon!!!!

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