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Blogger Reviews of Bake Me A Wish! Cakes – Another Chance to WIN!!

We’ve had several bloggers receive cakes this month to give us their honest opinions on what they thought of our gifts and service. Once again – we’ve received accolades! Take a moment to read the reviews yourself and find out how you can with the cake of your choice! Remember we’re perfect for birthday cake delivery & holidays cakes!


I was able to receive their delicious chocolate mousse torte cake to review that is pictured above! This cake is honestly to die for! It’s some of the best I’ve ever had! My mouth is watering just remembering it. I was very impressed with Bake Me A Wish all around. The cake arrived in perfect condition, in an adorable box. The cake just looked delicious! The cake actually arrived at my house while I was on campus. I had to force my parents to not eat it until after I had a chance to get home and take pictures! Haha! I’m so evil! : )



I had the chance to experience first hand just how amazing Bake Me A Wish! Cakes really are.
My Bake Me A Wish experience started when my cake arrived fast and packaged so that my cake would be in the same condition as it was shipped. I opened the shipping package to find Bake Me A Wish!’s beautiful signature gift box. Inside the signature gift box was a scrumptious Triple Chocolate Enrobed Brownie Cake. (EDITORS NOTE: FREE 2-DAY SHIPPING ALL MONTH LONG!)


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