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The Chirstmas Spirit Giveaway

As I get older, I find it harder and harder to get in the Christmas spirit – something that I’m sure is shared by many others out there. I was watching the most recent episode of Glee (guilty pleasure!) and Mr. Schuester, played by Matthew Morrison, summed up this feeling in a very elegant way (I’ll paraphrase in a very non-elegant fashion). When we’re young, there is a lot of magic about the holiday – Santa Claus, the Tree, Decorations, Presents… but as we move past adolescence into adult hood, we outgrow the sensation of the holiday. That magical feeling disappears – maybe we feel we’re too big to enjoy in the childhood experience. Too often, along with that loss, we forget the importance and meaning of Christmas. As we become middle aged, we’d do anything – almost anything – to get that feeling back and remember what it is like to fully be in the Christmas Spirit.

As we all know – the true meanings behind Christmas should be felt year round – kindness, good will to our fellow women and men and most of all, giving of ourselves. But if we have trouble finding those meanings – in the midst of the holiday season, no less – then it becomes very difficult to carry that with us throughout the year.

We’d like to help everyone get in the Christmas Spirit this year. We’re going to give away Three Christmas Cake Party Packs (three gifts symbolizes something! :) ) to three of our readers, customers or fans who share with all of us either a photo of their holiday decorations, a Christmas party photo, a fond memory about Christmas or a short piece of prose about what Christmas means to them. We’re also going to donate three birthday cakes to a soldier overseas in the names of our three winners through our Operation: Birthday Cake program!

We’d love to see and hear what gets you in the spirit and hope that through our shared experiences, we can make that feeling stronger and help it last through out the year.


* Post a photo on our FACEBOOK FAN PAGE with your holiday decorations or at a Christmas party with friends and family
* Comment on this post with a memory about Christmas, or write about what Christmas means to you
* Enter as often as you’d like with those rules!

* We’ll give away 3 Christmas Party Packs – each pack will include 4 of our 7″ gourmet brownie cakes to serve to friends and family for the holidays: Chocolate Mint Chip, Caramel & Pecans, Cookies & Cream and a Triple Mochachino Brownie. PLUS, we’ll put the three winners names on our donation list and send birthday cakes to soldiers serving overseas on their behalf. Give & receive!

DEADLINE: All entries must be submitted by Monday, 12/20 at 5pm so that we can process the winners and send out party packs in time for Christmas.

HOW WE’LL DECIDE: It will be tough to say one memory or photo is better than the other – Christmas isn’t about competition. Each entry will be assigned a number based on time of entry and we’ll use to select the 3 winners from all valid entries.

Thanks for reading and we hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season!

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27 Responses to “The Chirstmas Spirit Giveaway”

  1. sara Says:

    I have amazing memory of visiting my inlaws at Christmas time. They embraced me, shared wonderful foods and traditions and I miss them.

  2. Laurie Says:

    Christmas is a time of giving! I love Christmas traditions and being with family during this special time.

  3. JEannine m Says:

    My fav memory is my oldest daughter’s first one. She was born christmas eve so her first one was spent int he hospital but I loved it

  4. Jamie S. Says:

    I remember getting a light bright when I was little best gift when I was a kid!

  5. Jennifer h Says:

    My favorite Christmas memories were spent w/my Mom, Dad and brother-when we were all together. Later my parents divorced and things were never the same so I treasure the moments we did have. Now I have my only family and am really looking fwd to Christmas this year as my son is 2 & 1/2 and is really into it this year.

  6. Cheryl Christian Says:

    My favorite memory was when we lived in another state from family and our youngest girl was about six weeks old. I was really homesick,short on money, no tree, new baby, and a toddler who was three. Hubby was in law enforcement, so he always had to work holidays. One night he brought home a fake tree he found in trash behind his work. My three year old and I decorated it with lots of decorations at the bottom..LOL while baby sis watched. The more we worked on it the better that pathetic tree looked. We had so many laughs and giggles plus the mailman dropped off a big box that had packages from family. Christmas was saved and we used that little tree for three more years always remembering how that trashed tree brought so much joy to all.

  7. Christina G Says:

    Christmas means so much to me. It is a time for us as a family to reconnect and just be a family.

  8. Christina G Says:

    My favorite memory was growing up: Every year my dad would come running into our room in the middle of the night asking us if we had felt the house shake…and that Santa had come. Then he would say :I hear him!” and dash us outside to look into the night sky. “There he is!” he would say pointing to a red light in the sky. Of course we always would spot Rudolph’s red nose flying in the sky. :)

  9. Laura Bobersky Says:

    My favorite memory was the time that a wonderful family chose our family to do a christmas delivery each day for the 12 days of christmas. I enjoyed it so much that ever since then we have returned the favor to a special family each year. Today I delivered the 4th day of Christmas gifts to a 7 year old boy and a 9 year old girl and their mother who recently lost their father/husband. I hope this will help there holiday be a little more brighter. Giving is the best thing about Christmas and especially to those who can use a little cheering up around the holidays.

  10. Hillary Says:

    I remember the first Christmas after my son was born (16 days after his birth). It was the first time we celebrated as a “family” and I’ll never forget it. We even dressed him in a santa suit (which he hated), those pictures will get me in alot of trouble later on in life I’m sure. Merry Christmas.

  11. Bernice Azarian Says:

    What Christmas means to me……spending time with the important people in my life. Remembering the friends and family that are no longer here. Its the one time of year that people actually seem to enjoy each other’s company and are more generous. Christmas is the time that there is only standing room in our church as we celebrate the birth of Jesus; the time of year that people get a little bit closer to their faith. It means that my family can appreciate all that we have and help those that are less fortunate. Who would have thought the hardest gift for me to find this year would have been for the 6yr old boy who’s tag we pulled off the giving tree at Church? I was determined to find his “GhostRider” motorcycle guy and sure enough I found it and hope that will make his Christmas special. He will never meet us or know what I had to do to get it ordered and delivered but thats what makes it special. To do for others without recognition to put a smile on someones face with the smallest deed.

  12. Patricia conary Says:

    Years ago on Christmas Eve, my Dad snuck outside and threw snowballs at the roof. My Mom told us it was Santa’s reindeer and that we better hurry up and go to sleep. We hurried up and went to bed so Santa wouldn’t think we were naughty.

  13. Mary L. Woodward Says:

    One of my favorite memories is the Christmas that we had an exchange student from Brazil that was there during Christmas and he was so excited to go out and get a real tree and help decorate the tree. He was really excited to help me decorate cookies and wanted to help put up the stockings on the fireplace. He had smiles from ear to ear and it snowed and it was the first time he had ever seen snow. He made the comment out in the cold (that he could see his own smoke), his breath! He came back a couple of years ago with his Son to meet us and it was a special Christmas and New Years that year with my three Sons and Grandchildren! Merry Christmas and Happy New Years1

  14. Jane Says:

    I remember my mom always reading “The Night Before Christmas” to us kids on Christmas Eve before we went to bed. Special time :)

  15. JEannine m Says:

    I remeber staying up all night with my younger sibilings on christmas eve talking about what santa was going to bring us.

  16. Jessica W. Says:

    Over the past few years I’ve been decreasingly excited about Christmas, it’s lost all sense of joy for me and felt more like a task. This year at my job we did a giving tree, for some less fortunate kids. I got this little 4 year old girl and went to Target yesterday before work to shop. It only started out as I was going to get a few things, but then for some reason I just kept picking things up, and I literally ended up buying everything on her list. That moment right there, and wrapping the presents up to be taken to her, was probably the most excited I’ve been about Christmas in a while. To know that she was going to open her presents, and get everything that she needed and wanted, made me so happy.

  17. Lori C. Says:

    Christmas to me means spending time with family and friends. I love baking & wrapping presents in front of the tree (while watching movies).

  18. JEannine m Says:

    Christmas means to me giving back to people less fortuante, spending time with the people you love

  19. JEannine m Says:

    I remeber my oldest daughter’s first christmas. I went into labor with her christmas eve morning and had her that same morning. She was only a day old for her first christmas

  20. Susan C. (@grumpy1970) Says:

    My most cherished childhood memory is of going to church on Christmas Eve, and by the time we got home, Santa had already been to our house and left our presents. It was always so exciting on the drive home from church…the anticipation was overwhelming! Happy Holidays!!

  21. Jennifer S Says:

    For me, the best Christmas memories are the ones we are making with our own daughters. This year, we started an Advent calendar and every morning my three year old wakes up and exuberantly asks, can I pull off the sock today? Each day has a different activity and a scripture reading. It is fun to do new things with her each day and to see her grow in knowledge as well.

  22. Diane K Says:

    Christmas to me is a time to remember and celebrate the birth of Jesus. As a child on Christmas morning before we would open our presents my dad would always read from the Bible the story of Jesus birth. It’s important to teach our kids the true meaning of Christmas, and now that I have kids of my own we look forward to that special family time each year.

  23. JEannine m Says:

    One of my fav memories is when my siblings and i got each other nerf guns for christmas and had a all out war

  24. Susan Says:

    I try to keep the real reason for Christmas close to my heart. I don’t like to get caught up in too much shopping. I just enjoy time spent with family and enjoying the blessings we all have. A favorite tradition is the candlelight Christmas eve service at my church.

  25. Susan Says:

    One Christmas memory I have that is special to me… Going to visit my grandma and going to her church. They would have a big tree…and everyone would bring a gift. Then we would all get to choose a gift from under the tree. I miss those days spent with my grandma.

  26. Susan Says:

    Another memory I have is the year my mom worked very hard to make Barbie clothes for my sister and I for Santa to bring. We had the best dressed barbies that year.

  27. JEannine m Says:

    Another fav memoriy of mine is going to Christmas dinner at my grndparents house and having the kids table set up in the living room

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