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Angry Birds Take The Cake!

Have you played this game? Angry Birds have been infecting smart phones everywhere (and expanded to computers and game consoles alike) and taking up lots of free time. What is it? A puzzle game! Why, you simply fling your Angry Birds with a sling shot and try to take out structures that house bad little (green) pigs. I’ll be honest, I’ve played – it’s addicting!

There are a lot of fans of the game out there and this father knew his son would get a kick out of creating a custom made Angry Birds cake (nice job Mike!). Visit the full article on that also has a video of the cake working just like in the game!



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3 Responses to “Angry Birds Take The Cake!”

  1. Alicia Says:

    I’ve heard about this game, and also heard how it’s addicting. I have the app on my phone if I want to install it, but I know I could get addicted to it!

    Love the cake though! Very cute!

  2. Mariano Says:

    OH MY GOD! This is so awesome. I love Angry birds and it really is SUCH an addicting game…what a great cake! So…when are you adding it to your catalog? Maybe a giveaway or a raffle should be in the works!

  3. Dawne Sarwinski Says:

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