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And That Spells Mom – Giveaway!

Rightfully so, Mom’s everywhere deserve a break – a day to themselves. Thankfully, that day is this Sunday… we all hope that you honor your mother and father every chance you get, but Mother’s Day is the best time to do that extra something special for the woman who raised us.

We want to help! We’re going to give away 3 cakes this Thursday, each with a Mother’s Day occasion and ship them either to our winning readers to bring to their mom, or directly to their Moms wherever they may be in the continental US. AND – we’ll include a poem in the greeting card – the POEM YOU WRITE!! Here’s how to enter:

a) Write a quick little poem about your Mother – you must use the letters M – O – M to start each line. I’ll give you an example below. It can be funny, endearing – whatever you prefer. Post your mini-poem here in our comment section

b) Make sure you’re following us on Facebook, so you don’t miss the winning announcement!

c) We’ll post a follow up here as well on Thursday AM.

d) Please be available Thursday during the day to provide shipping information via email

e) Deadline to enter is Wednesday evening, 5/4/11 by 11:59pm

f) We’ll pick 3 winners from all of the entries using a random number generator. the more poems you write, the more you’re entered! Your comment numbers are your entry numbers for the raffle.

g) Winners will be allowed to choose their cake flavor!

Here’s a little poem I wrote about my wonderful ( and very Italian) mother:

M is for the many times she’s had to dry my tears
O is for the other times she’s hugged away my fears
Mom, I’ll always love you, throughout the many years


85 Responses to “And That Spells Mom – Giveaway!”

  1. Jeannine m Says:

    Majic is felt whenever you read to me
    Oppurtines are what happen when you pushed me
    Mom I love you more then words can say..

  2. Debra @ A Frugal Friend Says:

    M is for missing you
    O is for the opportunities you always gave me
    M is for making me into the person I am

  3. susitravl Says:

    Mom we love the food you make
    Our favorites are the things you bake
    May you rest today and enjoy this cake.

  4. Claiessa Says:

    M- Most inspiring person in my life
    O- Outstanding and majestic
    M- Mother of mine

  5. Michelle Simons Says:

    M is for Motherfully beautiful
    O is for your sweet obsession at being the best mother ever.
    Mom you are the kindest sweeting mother in the world.

  6. Lindsay @ Laughing Lindsay Says:

    Maternal love
    Only you can give

  7. theresa Says:

    Mean, mean, mom
    Overprotective to the max!
    Many, many thanks for that love!

  8. Kyla S. Says:

    My youth I looked up to you and loved you.
    Once I became a mother, I understood that love knows no bounds.
    Mom, thank you for showing me how to love my own children.

  9. Kyla S. Says:

    Military moms with deployed a deployed husband have it rough.
    Only wishing to be just a
    Mom and give Dad back his job.

  10. Veronica Danao Says:

    M is for the Memories, that live in our mind.
    O is for your Outstanding love thats one of a kind.
    M is Missing you Mommy , your in our hearts never left behind.

  11. Jessica Says:

    Mom, Mama, Ma what really can i say,
    On this day to tell you how wonderful you are to me,
    Many days in many ways i will show you through actions all that you mean to me,

  12. Ruth Says:

    M is for the mountains of loved bestowed on me
    O is outpouring of support you gave for free
    M is for mother, who you didn’t to be

    You still loved me
    just for being me

    Grandma, you are the best.

  13. Jessie Says:

    M is for Ma, my favorite name for you.
    O is for OVER and over and over the times you had to tell me things before i would listen
    M is for the Many thanks i owe you

  14. Linda F Says:

    Memories of what you did for me
    Often bring tears to my eyes
    Making me appreciate you even more

  15. Jessi Says:

    MOTHER (only you will understand)
    OF (the love in these)
    MINE (3 words)

  16. Tiffany Gary Says:

    Military wife, mom, & soldier you were for 20 years and served not only our family but our country every day.

    Opportunities you provided to your children and reminded us to “kick a$$ and worry about names later” :)

    Many gray hairs that I gave you, but you still loved me anyway

  17. Rebecca J Says:

    M is for the many meals you cook,
    O is for the obvious mistakes you overlook,
    Mom you are #1 in my book!

  18. Lindsay Says:

    Mother, how I cherish your gifts of life and love
    Oh, but how I wandered away – flying like a dove
    More than words can say – thank you for it all.

  19. Lisa Says:

    Many kids were waiting for their forever homes.
    Only YOU decided to keep 3 siblings together,
    Making their dream of a family a reality.

    (For a good friend of mine who recently adopted 3 kids from foster care.)

  20. Veronica Danao Says:

    Magnificent and Grand is your love for us,
    Outreaching all boundries of our hearts,
    Memorable moments you have given to us.

  21. Tomi ChaveZ Says:

    M- moments of unconditional love
    O – open arms to cradle me
    M – making me feel safe & secure

  22. Susan H. Says:

    M – More than I ever deserved.
    O – Only one could love me like this.
    M – My best friend.


    M is for the many talks we had whether they be serious or silly
    O is for the outrageous outfits you would wear that made us all laugh but most of all
    M is for just how much I miss the best Mom there ever was

  24. Jane Says:

    My mom is the best
    One a child could ever have.
    Mom’s love is endless.

  25. Jeannine m Says:

    May is for mother’s
    One Day is not enough to tell
    Mom how much she means

  26. Jeannine m Says:

    My mom is the best
    Of that there is no doubt
    My wish is that she has a happy day

  27. Veronica Says:

    Mi mama querida,
    Otra como tu no ay,
    Madre te extrano, te adoro y te amo.

  28. Tina M Says:

    Mom deserves this day!
    Old and wrinkly, in time i’ll show that I will stay,
    Magnificent, the woman who is responsible for giving me all my days.

  29. Susan H. Says:

    More than you can ever know
    Oh the love I have for you
    Mother, dear mother of mine!

  30. Susan H. Says:

    Mostly praising
    Oh so amazing
    My mom, my hero!

  31. Susan H. Says:

    Magnificent, extraordinarily superb
    Otherwise known as

  32. Susan H. Says:

    Mountains can be moved,
    Oceans can be crossed by
    Moms to protect their children.

  33. Susan H. Says:

    My mom is special and sweet
    Open hearted and loving
    Mom I’m lucky to have you.

  34. Rosalina Says:

    Mooo like a cow
    Ohhh, I get it now
    Mom……I love you!

  35. Rosalina Says:

    Must be an angel fallen from the sky.
    Over the hills you soar so high.
    Mom never leave, because you belong with me.

  36. Margarita Says:

    Mom is The Best, better than the Rest.
    Over the top. Can Drop it like its Hot. ;)
    Mommy Your The Greatest, shoutout to the haters.

  37. Veronica Says:

    Must be an angel fallen from the sky.
    Over the hills you soar so high.
    Mommy don’t leave because you belong to me.

  38. Veronica Says:

    Most beautiful word in the world
    Only 3 letters to define.
    Mom you are beautiful, I love you.

  39. Veronica Says:

    Mom your the Best, Better than the Rest.
    Over the Top, Can Drop it like its Hot.
    Mommy your the Greatest, Shoutout to the Haters.

  40. Veronica Says:

    Mom, your my Bridge over Troubled water.
    Or my Sunshine on A Cloudy Day.
    Mom i Love you. Dont ever change.

  41. Veronica Says:

    Mom is soo cool.
    Only one i trust.
    Mom does everything to push us infront.

  42. Veronica Says:

    Mom we go together like spaghetti and meatballs,
    Or Actually we go together like
    Mustard and Ketchup.

  43. Veronica Says:

    Oh so loving & beautiful.
    Mom you are the best thing thats ever been mine!

  44. Jeannine m Says:

    My mother is a beautiful as a rose
    Only one to guide me through the dark
    Mom i love you and wish you all the love in the world

  45. Lindsay @ Laughing Lindsay Says:

    Only you can
    Make the best pies!

  46. kimberly perez Says:

    Mother you are my most cherished possession
    Oh so wonderful in every way.
    Most outstanding mother of all time im so glad that you are all mine.

  47. Meaghan F. Says:

    Many times we have shared
    Only our biggest dreams.
    Mom, thanks for listening to all of my childhood schemes.

  48. kimberly perez Says:

    My mother is amazing, beautiful and wonderful
    Overwhelmingly astonishing,
    More so, exuberant and one of a kind

  49. kimberly perez Says:

    Mother, for all the diapers you have changed
    or even all the play dates you arranged
    My only question is can you come here and give me a kiss?

  50. Linda F Says:

    More times than I can count, you were there for me.
    Opening your heart and soul to my desires and needs.
    Mothering me to make me the mother that I am.

  51. kimberly perez Says:

    Mom you gave me the gift of life
    opportunity to know what love means but,
    most importantly you showed me the kind of women i would love to be`

  52. kimberly perez Says:

    More than i can remember i have used the word mom
    one time after another i have needed you
    mommy for all of those times i say thank you

  53. Linda Bundrick Says:

    M- is for the many times you cared, when no one else would.
    o- is for the optmisium you gave to me when I didn’t know where I stood.
    M- is for the memories I will always treasure….just a few minutes with you again to say ” I love you forever ” ….I really wish I could.

  54. kimberly perez Says:

    M- is for Mrs.perfect because thats what you are
    O- is for opportunity to have a mother like you
    M- is for moments we have spent together that made me love you more and more each day

  55. Bernice A. Says:

    M – is for the Milestones you shared with me and the ones I share with my kids.

    O – is for the One more minute I wish we had together.

    M – is Missing you every day……..

  56. Bernice A. Says:

    M is for the best Meatballs you always made…….

    O is for the Oven that always smelled good in your kitchen…….

    M is for the best Mom and Mom-Mom that is dearly Missed………

  57. Ronda Garnett Says:

    Memories we made before dementia took them away from you.

    Only love is left.

    May your remaining days be filled with rainbows and sunshine.

  58. kimberly perez Says:

    Mother award goes to you
    one of a kind hard to forget
    mommy you are the best

  59. kimberly perez Says:

    My days living with you are almost done
    one day im here one day im gone
    my love for you will never change because you’ll always be my favorite mom

  60. Susan H. Says:

    Memories are so many
    Of all you have done for me
    May you be with me always.

  61. Nee Brown Says:

    M is for Many a’times you were there for me.
    O is for Optimistically showing me the ropes.
    M is for Missing you these days!

  62. Nee Brown Says:

    M is for Mother’s intuition, you always knew
    O is for Our journey through life together
    M is for Making sure I was always taken care of

  63. Nee Brown Says:

    M is for the million ways you loved me.
    O is for of course I love you back.
    M is for the mother/daughter bonding I miss.

  64. Nee Brown Says:

    Missing you is the hardest thing ever
    Oh, but memories help me smile
    Make me realize you are my angel.

  65. Nee Brown Says:

    M is for Making the most out of everything you did
    O is for Other people’s feelings, you always kept in mind
    M is for Motherly love you always showed.

  66. Nee Brown Says:

    M – Mother’s Day is just a few days after your birthday
    O – Oh, I can’t deal with May
    M – Makes me miss you more every day!

  67. Susan H. Says:

    Most of the time she’s gentle and sweet
    Other times she has to be hard and stern
    Mom’s love shows in all these times.

  68. Susan H. Says:

    Mother was beautiful in her younger years
    Older now, she’s as beautiful as ever
    Maybe I too will fare as well in my older years.

  69. Susan H. Says:

    Mother’s Day is coming
    Our love we give to you
    Mom this is your special day…Enjoy!

  70. Jeannine m Says:

    Memories we made will never fade away
    Our fights and arguments will never break our bond
    Mom I love you more then words can say

  71. Jeannine m Says:

    M is for memories
    O is for only
    M is ofr mom the only one i have

  72. Jeannine m Says:

    May you day day be filled with love and happiness
    Only good things may it also bring
    Mom I wish you a wonderful Mother’s day

  73. Jeannine m Says:

    Mopping, Cleaning, Dusting are things you made me do
    Organes, Apples, Broccoli are what you made me eat
    Mom I am gratefull for all that you made me do and eat

  74. Jeannine m Says:

    Mexico is the country I would love to take you to
    Orlando is another place we should visit
    Mom I would travel anywhere with you

  75. Jeannine m Says:

    Manners are what you taught us
    Once we could learn
    So happy mother’s day to you mom

  76. Jeannine m Says:

    Make a present? I fear not!
    Or bake cake? No way Jose
    Mom I love you so words will have to do

  77. Jeannine m Says:

    Mom is about love about caring
    Olives are for something don’t know
    Maybe I really am not cut out for poems

  78. Jeannine m Says:

    Mother of mine you are devine
    Only you can love me for who I am
    May this day be filled with love

  79. Jeannine m Says:

    M is for majic that you brought into our lives
    O is for the organes you made us eat
    M is for My wish that you have a great Mother’s day

  80. Jeannine m Says:

    Mom I love you and hope you have a day filled with love
    or a spa day filled with pampering.
    Most of all I just want to say I love you

  81. Jeannine m Says:

    Many times I drove you insane
    or gave you so much pride
    Mom I wish you a quiet mother’s day

  82. Jeannine m Says:

    Money is no good without love
    Objects won’t love you
    Mom, thank you for all the things you taught me

  83. Jeannine m Says:

    Men come and go
    Moms stay

  84. Jeannine m Says:

    Man this is hard
    Only three lines to express what
    Mom means to me.

  85. Diane Poff Says:

    M-My Mother, My Best Friend
    O-Oh how I love you!!!
    M-Memories that never end!!!!

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