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A Final Hogwarts Cake

With all the buzz surrounding the final installment of the Harry Potter series (i have my ticket for Saturday!), it’s no wonder that the Lincoln Center premiere tapped Charm City Cakes to create a gorgeous cake for the stars.  The Independant UK reports that Rupert Grint (he plays Ron Weasley) cut into the first slice – in case you’re not aware, this is Hogwarts as it would appear at the end of the story.

Since the premiere was here in New York City, we were bombarded with coverage of the event.  I’m still a bit amazed at the turnout – most of those waiting literally days in sweltering heat just to get a glimpse of the stars.  Oh yeah, and we discovered that the show Daniel Radcliff is in with John Laroquette (How to Succeed in Business…) also had to be closed down for a week!  That makes sense… I’m sure there’s more than one premiere, interview and conference these actors had to show up for!

ENJOY this wonderful photo, courtesy of Charm City Cakes.

Hogwarts Cake - Harry Potter

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