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Politician Spends too much on Cake – naturally!

Can’t politicians get anything right? We know that these custom cakes can run a pretty penny, but color our frosting shocked when we found out that our very own New York Gov. Cuomo spent $600 on a birthday cake!  Ok, it probably wasn’t him directly, but as reported by the Daily News, his birthday cake purchase was listed as an “office expense” on his campaign finance filing!  Sure – it’s in the shape of New York and has lots of features, but look, times are hard… do we really need $600 birthday cakes?  Bake Me A Wish! would have shipped him one for under $50.00!  :)

I mean really – that’s somebody’s paycheck for a week.

Check out the article by Celeste Katz here:  disregard those comments Celeste – I think you’re cool for pointing this out!

cuomo, $600 birthday cake
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4 Responses to “Politician Spends too much on Cake – naturally!”

  1. Chris Lewis Says:

    that’s a really big amount to spend on a cake, the cake looks gorgeous though..

  2. Spencer @ Moo-Lolly-Bar Says:

    The cake looks amazing. Though it is rather alot to spend on a cake!

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