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Miami Cake Baker is Crushed

If you were to ask someone to create a promotional item at their own cost in exchange for publicity, wouldn’t you have the decency to follow through with your request and feature them? At the VERY least, if you decide not to use it, to pay them for their effort? The cake business is always a risk, but a local Miami cake baker was asked to produce a cake for LeBron James 27th Birthday Party and then his team of handlers went back on their deal, refused to present the baker’s cake to LeBron or give her any promotion!   My first thought it, why didn’t they TELL the baker what type of cake they wanted for LeBron!?!

We’re not in the custom cake business, and no, maybe its not the best cake we’ve ever seen, but its something they got for free – about a $3000 value  - and then slapped her in the face!  At the VERY least they should offer to pay the baker the value of the cake… and no, a lot more goes into a cake than flour and egg, as I’m sure you’re all aware!   The retail value is $3000.

I will agree that it’s not LeBron’s fault, per se, but you can tell a lot about a person by the company they keep.   Do we think LeBron would have actually spruned this cake?   I’m pretty sure HE can afford to pay her for it, regardless.

Check out the original article on the Miami Herald where you can also see the cake they replaced it with.  I’m still not thrilled.

(article by: Jose Lambiet, photo credit: Mike Jachles)

That takes the cake!  - Joe


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