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The Lessons We Learn – Mother’s Day Giveaway

Win a Mother’s Day Cake Delivery! –  CONTEST CLOSED.

Mother’s Day is a week from Sunday!  Once a year, we have this special day to tell our Mom’s, Grandmother’s and special women in our life that they are appreciated and valued.  I know that growing up, I didn’t really have an understanding of what my own Mother went through to raise three rambunctious boys. Now, she is the most important woman in my life.  What did I learn from Mom?  A HECK of a lot!  But one of my favorite mommy adages is:
“If you don’t ask, the answer is no.  It never hurts to ask.”

It seems simple but that’s a life lesson that applies to just about everything I’ve ever done!

We want to hear what you learned from Mom – the special lessons and memories that you have from growing up.  Reach down and talk to that inner child that will always be Mom’s special boy or girl.  Post your comment below for your chance to win a free cake delivery from Bake Me A Wish!!


RULES:  Post on our blog about your favorite lesson from Mom – each lesson you post is a new entry into the giveaway.  We’ll select three lucky readers to receive a free Mother’s Day Cake delivery for themselves, or to send to their mother.  Your comment number is your entry number and we’ll select the winners at random using a random number generator.  Let’s hear those life lessons from Mom!



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57 Responses to “The Lessons We Learn – Mother’s Day Giveaway”

  1. Nicole Says:

    With respect to relationships/marriage – pick and choose your battles. The little things are not worth getting upset over!

  2. Nicole Says:

    Stand up straight!

  3. Chase Says:

    “No matter how bad your day is going, just know that the person in the car right next to you could be going through something 100 times worse than you are; then pray for that person.”

  4. Kim Greene Says:

    Never burn bridges!

  5. Valerie C. Says:

    She passed when I was quite young (May 1, 1989). She always told me that each day is a gift, and use it wisely :)

  6. paige chandler Says:

    Sometimes the answer is JUST BECAUSE,

  7. jeannine s Says:

    Always shop for items on sale

  8. jeannine s Says:

    Use coupons to save money

  9. Adrian W Says:

    My mom always told me, the most dependable person in my life is me, no one can love me better than I love myself..she said that not to shy me away from love, but to encourage me to love myself

  10. Linda F Says:

    Never go to bed angry.

  11. Debbie C Says:

    My Mom taught me to consider myself a Princess but not to wait for a Prince to make it happen.

  12. Ellen B Says:

    Don’t say bad things about people

  13. Ellen B Says:

    shop the sales

  14. jeannine s Says:

    bake from scratch is cheaper

  15. jeannine s Says:

    Hang clothes out to dry to save money on gas/electric bill

  16. Christopher Sorel Says:

    Use quality ingredients when I cook for it to taste good

  17. Angela W Says:

    I lost my mother when I was 15, and the lesson she told me that stuck with me the most is “You cannot succeed if you do not try your best. Success is not handed to you…it is earned”

  18. ronda garnett Says:

    Mom always said “what goes around, comes around”

  19. Lisa Buck Says:

    My mom & grandma gave me two life lessons. One being when your feet hit the floor in the morning put a smile on your face and this will carry through your day making it a pleasant one. The second which was instilled by my grandma was Give from your heart and look for no rewards and you will receive them back twofold when you least expect!

  20. ronda garnett Says:

    If you don’t have anything good to say, don’t say anything.

  21. makayla Says:

    Don’t take yourself too seriously. Dance and sing, and your real friends will accept you for you.

  22. Colleen Busch Says:

    I learned from my Mom to take pride in everything you do, as it reflects on your family as well as yourself.

  23. Marianne Hightman Says:

    Be true to yourself, and let your kindness be your beauty.

  24. Mary Woodward Says:

    Love your Mate, (Husband) more than yourself and always give all you have to put that person 1st.

  25. Carmen Says:

    My Mom’s words of wisdom to me have always been: “Good, better, best NEVER lets me rest. Until my good is better and my better is BEST.” She has always encouraged us to be the best :)

  26. Tammy Harmon Says:

    The lesson my mom taught me before she passed away is, one day you will have a child just like you and then you will understand why I am the way I am! Boy, was she right! I miss my mom everyday, but I didn’t realize how much I learned from her, until I turned out just like her!

  27. Colleen Busch Says:

    My mom taught me to sneek veggies and fruits into recipes to make them extra speical and healthy, including the use of whole wheat flour.

  28. Natalie Avalos Says:

    Mom is always right!

  29. Natalie Avalos Says:

    She taught me that family always comes first, and I truly believe that :)

  30. Colleen Busch Says:

    My mom taught me to make sure to check your vehicle’s oil level before leaving on a long trip :-)

  31. lynn shires Says:

    My mom took me to church where I learned about God and how to be a good person, thanks Mom!

  32. Susan H. Says:

    My mom taught me how to be a great mom. I try to love and parent my children just like she did me. She is a great role model. I turned out good and so did my kids. I love my mom and am so blessed to still have her in my life.

  33. Jai S. Says:

    My Mom has taught me an incredible amount of things. The biggest she’s probably taught me is that “life ain’t always fair.” It’s cliche, but it’s so true it hurts sometimes!

  34. Jai S. Says:

    My mom has taught me how to be a strong woman. She raised my sister and I by herself all while serving in our country’s Navy. For 20 years she served and has taught my sister and I that a woman can do everything a man can do, and maybe even a little better because we have to fight so hard for it!

  35. Ellen B Says:

    be honest

  36. Mary H Says:

    If the train didn’t stop at your station, it’s not your train.

  37. Ellen B Says:

    always do the right thing – even if you don’t like it

  38. Ellen B Says:

    take care of yourself so that you can take care of others

  39. Fiorella Horna Says:

    Mom taught me, both in words and through her great example, faith, honor, love of oneself, the value of hard work, and dedication. It was just my mom and I growing up. She was everything for me. I will never forget the countless hours we spent around the kitchen table in our apartment in NYC, talking about just anything. Well, in reality, it was mostly ME talking about everything to her and she listening with undivided attention and love. It was in these moments that we laughed together, cried together, learned from each other, and so much more. At this table, she helped me as a kindergardener all the way to my high schools days with ever a homework assignment or project…and later, it was I helping her through her homework as she pursued a college degree. I am 4-ever thankful to the wonderful mother that I was blessed with. Te Amo Mami!! RIP.

  40. Amy Seiger Says:

    Sometimes life is hard, but it’s even harder without your mom! She always makes things better and a little sweeter!

  41. Amy Seiger Says:

    Life has little meaning without friends and family.

  42. Amy Seiger Says:

    Sometimes when you fall you have to get back up and try again, just remember te lesson learned from the first time you fall.

  43. Ellen B Says:

    use the best ingredients that you can when cooking – makes a big difference

  44. Amy Seiger Says:

    It’s always best to tell the truth.

  45. jeannine s Says:

    to always think before you speak

  46. jeannine s Says:

    how to make pie crust

  47. jeannine s Says:

    be kind to others

  48. jeannine s Says:

    don’t judge others because you never know what is going on in their life

  49. jeannine s Says:

    You can do anything a boy can do.

  50. jeannine s Says:

    how to get stains out of clothes using household items

  51. Anne M. Says:

    My mother always let me make my own mistakes, and learn from them. Even though she knew I might be making a mistake in certain situations, she allowed me to go thru them, because she knew that was the only way I would learn from them. She also made it known that home was always there for me. Its a lesson I try to use with my own children :)

  52. Ellen B Says:

    You need to learn when to speak up and when to keep quiet

  53. Madeleine R Says:

    My Mom would always say if you have to think about if you should do something or not than you should not!

  54. Madeleine R Says:

    My Mom always taught me that a young couples largest argument is always over money.

  55. jeannine s Says:

    she taught me how to sew

  56. Amy Seiger Says:

    If mom is not happy then no one is happy! But why would we want to make mom unhappy. She spends so much time making us happy:-)

  57. Madeleine R Says:

    No restaurants kitchen is as clean as my kitchen.

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