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Decadent Brownie Cakes for Deployed Soldiers

Do you know a deployed soldier with an addiction to chocolate? Send your soldier a decadent brownie cake in the mail and let her know she’s on your mind.

Bake Me A Wish! mails cakes to deployed soldiers oversees. Five percent of every order is contributed to our Operation: Birthday Cake program which donates birthday cakes to deployed soldiers with our partners, Soldiers’ Angels.

Below you’ll find descriptions of the delectable brownie cakes we offer for deployed soldiers.

Cookies and Cream Brownie Cake

Cookies and Cream Cakes for Deployed Soldiers

A fudgy brownie cake topped with real OREO ® cookie pieces and a white and dark chocolate drizzle.

Magic Bar Brownie Cake

Magic Bar Brownie Cakes for Deployed Soldiers

A decadent brownie cake adorned with semisweet and butterscotch morsels, sweet coconut, and crunchy pecans.

Chocolate Mint Chip Cake

Chocolate Mint Chip Brownie Cakes for Deployed Soldiers

A chocolate mint brownie cake garnished with mint chips and bittersweet chocolate shavings along the sides.

Order a decadent brownie cake for your deployed soldier today. If you have any questions about the Operation: Birthday Cake service or process, please call or email us.

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3 Responses to “Decadent Brownie Cakes for Deployed Soldiers”

  1. Pete Imbs Says:

    I was in Vietnam in 1968-1969. One day, after throwing mail bags to us from a delivery helicopter, the crew chief walked off the ramp carrying a birthday cake still in its flimsy cardboard and cellophane box. Probably at the suggestion of her local U.S. post office, the mother had simply written her son’s 1st Air Cavalry address on the outside of the box. No attempt had been made to hide the contents with further packaging. When I took it from the crew chief, it was in nearly perfect condition except for a small crack in the frosting. It was as if the mother herself had walked down that ramp and into a war zone. It was a surprising example of smart packaging. Even more, it demonstrated how many people in the delivery chain personally cared about the outcome.

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