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Hope for Drake’s Coffee Cake

While most of you probably don’t know Drake’s Cakes, those of us who live in the Northeast find it hard to go to the grocery shelves and not see this classic American brand on the shelves. Drake’s was owned by Hostess, who, as you probably know, filed for Bankruptcy last November. No doubt that while those popular brands are currently on ice, they will be defrosted and served by other companies, eager to fill in the snack cake gap.

Over on MSN, there’s an article about Little Debbie, owned by McKee Foods, to pick up the classic East Coast brand, Drake’s Cakes. That’s good news for all the Ring Ding lovers out there – not to mention their popular coffee cake, that an entire episode of Seinfeld revolves around.

We’ll keep you posted on these developments – read the full article at the link below:

Little Debbie Maker Wants Drakes Cakes

For a good laugh – check out this classic Seinfeld episode where Newman will do anything for a Drake’s Coffee Cake:

Newman vs. Seinfeld – Drake’s Coffee Cake

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