Tsk Tsk Cake Boss

I’m all about giving away cakes and making people feel good, but at a recent event in Philly the Cake Boss’ own Buddy V. was handing out cakes and making people wait in line for HOURS! One man, who cut the line and went to storage (to take one of thousands of cakes – as there were more than enough to go around), was arrested by police (ok, ok, he also stole a laptop). In fact, the police released a statement how the event caused bad blood… people were cutting, fighting in line and causing quite a commotion. NO WONDER! Stand a bunch of hungry sweet-tooths in a line, make them wait, and starve, then see what happens. It’s a recipe for disaster.

By the way – there’s NEVER a line at Bakemeawish.com, where you can have your cake order done in only 5 minutes and schedule your cake delivery whenever you please. :)

The Pittsburgh Gazette

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