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Send a Birthday Cake to Your College Student

Send Your College Student a Birthday CakeGot a kid in college with a birthday coming up? Send them a sweet surprise!

By now most colleges are back in session after the long, relaxing holiday break. And even though you’re son or daughter was probably looking forward to getting back to school, the start of a new quarter or semester can be a nerve-wracking experience.

New books, new teachers, new assignments. It can be easy for students to get wrapped up in it all and forget to think about their own needs from time to time.

College is an extremely competitive and stressful environment, which is why taking the time to celebrate personal milestones, like birthdays, is so important.

If you’ve got a college student with a birthday coming up, chances are their friends aren’t planning to bake a cake with what little time they have. So why not take care of it for them?

We make it super easy to send a birthday cake of your choosing anywhere in the United States overnight. Just imagine the joy your college student — and a few hungry friends — will feel when a cake is delivered to their doorstep on their birthday.

We have over 25 gourmet cakes to choose from, and each cake comes with a Belgian chocolate Happy Birthday plaque and a personalized greeting card.

If there’s one thing a college student can appreciate on his or her birthday (besides money), it’s great food.

Help ease you’re college student’s stress on their special day and give them something sweet to smile about. We’ll take care of the legwork. Start here.

Photo Credit: CC Image Courtesy of CollegeDegrees360

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