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Happy Birthday, Gwendolyn — Thanks For All YOU Do

Just one of the many reasons why I love the place I work — because we make people happy! We received the following testimonial:

Thanks a million for the birthday cake and it couldn’t have came at a better time. I’ve been deployed since January 15, 2007, so this is my second birthday spent in Afghanistan. I was feeling really down about this and was longing to return to the U.S. even more, until the unit mail clerk handed me the box with the cake inside. I was so surprised first of all and then thrilled to know that “Operation Birthday Cake” exist and that we haven’t been forgotten about on those important days in our lives. I’m with the 82nd Airborne Division from Ft. Bragg, NC and we’ll be returning home in April (I can’t wait :-) Again, thanks for the thought and gift.



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