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Only 5 Days Left to Enter at MiscellaneousFinds4you!

I love my husband, but sometimes I wonder what he’s thinking.  For my 48th birthday last week he brought home cream puffs. Now don’t get me wrong, I love cream puffs and it was very thoughtful of my hubby.  When I casually asked why he chose cream puffs, he said he thought I didn’t like cake.  Huh?  Who’s he been married to for the last 25 years?  I LOVE cake!

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One Response to “Only 5 Days Left to Enter at MiscellaneousFinds4you!”

  1. debbie evans Says:

    i have decided i want to bake as it makes me happy and i am sure i
    can make others happy. i enjoy baking and have been baking all my life. my mom was an expert baker and like having your own bakery at
    home. i want to bake all day and make people happy either with my own shop debbies beautifully baked goods dollar deals to make sure
    people are happy and have food. only people baking and cooking can
    see that this happens. that is the reality.
    i do not even know if this is possible. denver connect me with some alternatives jobs or shops or such.

    debbie evans

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