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GREAT Post over at GI Jess… Enjoy!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Bake Me a Wish

Apparently, I was queen for a day in the middle east, thanks to an idea to send my shipmates over in Afghanistan a cake from Bake Me A Wish. I have a few friends stationed in Kabul for a year as Individual Augmentees (IA) for the U.S. Navy as Public Affairs Officers.

A little birdie told me that my LCDR friend had a thing for oreo cookies. Ok, I cheated and I asked her husband on Facebook. Good thing I did, because I learned she pretty much just likes chocolate cake. They have a special “Freedom Cake” that you can order for yourself, and Bake Me A Wish will send a cake to a soldier serving overseas.

Here’s the cookies and cream one I ordered for my friend. They are very courteous over the phone and the cake got there pretty fast, considering. It was packaged very nicely so it arrived fresh and delicious!

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