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Angela’s Story on CNN

Find your talent and figure out how you can help yourself in this recession. GREAT video from CNN:

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6 Responses to “Angela’s Story on CNN”

  1. WinterWitch Says:

    You can be so very proud of what you accomplished. I hope to turn my situation around as well.

  2. Tamara B. Says:

    Kuddos to you and it shows a women is stronger than any man!

  3. trishden Says:

    Angela is a true inspiration. It just goes to show how creative and resiliant the American people can be. Who needs handouts whan there are people like Angela, I’m sure that most Americans will make the best and most creative ways to get out of this bad economy. Thanks for a great story.

  4. Tanya Says:

    I have a cheese cake recipe, can they do this for me? God bless.

  5. jdornoff Says:

    Hi Tanya,

    Thanks so much for your note! Unfortunately, we only had the means to help out Angela in this situation, but we’re working out a charitable partnership so that more people benefit from the sale of each Mortgage Apple Cake… we’ll be announcing that partnership VERY soon.

    Thanks again for your note… have a great day and God bless you too!

    -Joseph Dornoff
    VP of Marketing, Bake Me A Wish

  6. Shelli Says:

    What a wonderful thing your comp has done helping Angela with her hopefully more companies will follow suit!! I received one of her apple cakes that I recieved as a gift-no occasion,but a friend of mine saw the news clip and wanted to help out,The cake was awesome!!

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