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Sweepstakes on the Moms Like Me Community Site

GREAT review of our Triple Chocolate Brownie and your chance to win a free cake!

Moms like me is a great site for:

* Asking questions, offer advice and swap stories with other local moms. There are several ways to browse the conversations at

* You can click on the “Discussions” tab in the navigation and see a complete list of all our forum topics.

* Or you can just jump right in and create a new conversation about what’s going on in your world

* Plan fun activities with your children that are convenient to where you live. Our calendar shows you tons of events, which you can browse by date, location and type.

* Submit your family photos and enjoy pictures taken at local events.

* Hear about news, events and activities that enhance your full, active lifestyle as a mother and woman

Hurry! Your entry has to be in by November 16th! CLICK THE BANNER TO GET STARTED!

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