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A Wish To Be Thankful For…

This past Wednesday, Bake Me A Wish! honored the Friends of Island Academy by providing them with a delicious Thanksgivingtable Dinner for their staff and students.  At the event, each member of the organization went around to say what they are thankful for – which was quite an experience.  Many of us take for granted the support we receive from friends, teachers, and family, but we all can learn something from these young adults.  Few of us know what it is like to have the challenges these teenagers face, and with the help of FOIA, they are rebuilding their lives and moving in a positive direction.

You too can help support FRIENDS by ordering a Change Your Life Cake from Bake Me A Wish!


studentsFriends of Island Academy (FOIA) reaches out to youth prior to their release from Rikers Island. Our name reflects the Board of Education school located on Rikers-Island Academy, which is attended by many of the youth while incarcerated. Upon discharge, FOIA provides job training, counseling, education, mentoring, and youth leadership development. In return, participants are expected to stay out of trouble, take responsibility for themselves, and work to rebuild their lives.



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