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Honoring Our Senior Citizens

Last week, Bake Me A Wish! honored a true gem of a woman in the New York City community; our new friend Daisy was born in cake1910, celebrating her 99th birthday! She’s also a recent survivor of Heart Surgery. She has lived an amazing life: Daisy graduated from Harlem Hospital Medical school as an NYC Licensed Registered Nurse. She worked with NY public health nursing for 34 years beginning as a staff member, then a supervisor and lastly a nursing consultant. She then became an instructor at Yeshiva University in the area of environmental medicine. Daisy retired in 1972 and began her quest in volunteer work. She is a member of the Board of Educations reading program and a member of RSVP (Retired Senior and Volunteer Program). Currently she is a certified instructor for “Stay Well” where she educates seniors about health and exercise and is an active member in her church (St. Likes). Daisy was married for 55 years and was mother to one son. Presently she is a grandmother to one grandson and great grandmother to two great grandsons!

Daisy believes the key to a long and fruitful life is eating healthy, exercising and staying away from all negative energy (people, places, things)!


WOW – what a woman. It was our privilege to provide our delicious Vanilla Bean cake to her while she in rehab. We’re glad you enjoyed Daisy! All our best for many more years.

If you have a relative that has a century birthday coming up – they too can be featured on the Bake Me A Wish blog and receive a free cake. Contact us with your story.

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