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Win a Free Peanut Butter Mousse cake!

The Baby Lovin’ Mama LOVES Bake Me A Wish! cakes and reviewed our Peanut Butter Mousse.  We can only assume that from her son’s face that he really enjoyed the Peanut Butter Mousse Cake for his 2nd birthday!  Through Emilie’s blog, we’re giving away a free Peanut Butter Mousse to one of her lucky readers.  Click on her banner below to read her whole post and find out how you can win too!

“The chocolate cake was very moist and tasted great but what my entire family went nuts over was the decadent peanut butter mousse and fudge top. Super light and fluffy, the mousse was so sinful but oh so worth it. You definitely don’t need a large slice as the richness is best enjoyed in moderation. I remembered how wonderful the Belgian chocolate plaque tasted from our last Bake Me a Wish experience so I extremely disappointed when I found my husband and two little boys had eaten it all before I got back with the knife.  I guess they just couldn’t resist!”


3 Responses to “Win a Free Peanut Butter Mousse cake!”

  1. wendy Racey Says:

    I am dying to try the coconut, it loos delicious. The peanut butter mousse and the chocolate brownie are wonderful.

  2. Kai Collins Says:

    i love both peanut butter and cheeze as the filling of my morning sandwhich.“`

  3. Charles Cox Says:

    i love the taste of peanut butter but i have peanut allergy so i cant eat it”‘~

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