Mouth Watering Funnel Cakes

Oh, the time I spent as a child begging my mother to get me a funnel cake at our yearly town festival, Maritime Days. I happen to run across a WONDERFUL pictorial recipe for making you own funnel cakes!  I haven’t given this a try yet, but I definitely know a few people in my life who would simply DIE if I pulled out some fresh funnel cakes for dessert tonight!

Take a moment to check out the Tasty Kitchen blog (thanks HeatherD & Ree for posting!)

CLICK THE PIC TO BE TAKEN TO THE TASTY KITCHEN!  Doesn’t that look scrumptious!


2 Responses to “Mouth Watering Funnel Cakes”

  1. Gail Abazorius Says:

    We love these so much. Not hard to make and oh so delicious!!

  2. funnel cake recipe Says:

    Funnel cake is very great special dessert. That picture looks delicious.

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