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Catch The Drift Review and Giveaway

Hi everyone – there’s only 5 days left for your chance to win one of our best selling cake – the Chocolate Mousse Torte from our new friend Mama Snow. We sent her a cake a couple of weeks ago and wanted to get her feedback – she did a very thorough review:

“With Easter coming up, Bake Me A Wish sent my family and I the Chocolate Mousse Torte. I am a huge chocolate fan and knew this would be the perfect cake for me to test out. I was told I would be receiving my cake on Wed. and sure enough, the cake was delivered on time! The box was marked to let the delivery man know how to handle it. Once I opened the box I noticed the careful thought that was put into packaging. There was a separate styrofoam box with a lid and inside that was a was an ice pack. The ice pack was still frozen and the whole box was very cool inside. Underneath the ice pack was a cover to protect the beautifully decorative box which held the cake. Everything was very tightly packed and kept the cake very cold. The cake itself looked like it was just made. I chose to freeze my cake and save it for the next week.

Now for the big question, “How did it taste”? “FANTASTIC”. I loved the cake. It was so rich and fresh tasting. My kids would have eaten the whole cake if I would have let them, but they had to share with mom :0) Even the plaque which said, “Happy Easter” was edible and made from imported Belgian chocolate.”

Thanks for taking a moment to read – CLICK THE BANNER to be taken to her site and find out how to win a free Chocolate Mousse for yourself!


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