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Facebook Contest

Every week, we are going to run an online contest for a chance to win a free cake. It’s something that we are pretty excited about!
This week, we are asking you to fill in the blanks for this question:

The only time its not appropriate to give a cake instead of flowers is when _______________________.

Some great answers have already come in from Facebook:

Erin Cox – is when the person is allergic to delicious cake – that’s the only thing that would stop me. LOL

Lisa Concepcion Giassa – Sending to a funeral/wake.
Elizabeth Rudzinski White – is when the person has their jaw wired shut.

Lisa Concepcion Giassa – When the person is a contestant on Biggest Loser

Nicole CloutierIs when the person just lost 100 pounds

Do you think you can do better? Respond here or online and show us your creative genius!

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