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5 Cakes That Make You Think Twice Before Eating

Cake… yum… I could eat cake for breakfast! (Would you be alarmed if I told you that I did eat a giant piece of the Triple Chocolate Enrobed Brownie Cake this morning…. Shhh! Don’t tell!) That being said, sometimes, there are cakes that make me step back for a second (but really for just a second. The following cakes  win my list of top 5 Gross Cakes for the Week (eewwww….squid!):


kitty litter cake

Do you have gross cakes to share? Paste in the comments below. If there is something truly spectacular, we might just send a free cake!

Thanks to: goatincoat, yesbutnobutyes, and fabulousfoodfinds, for providing many of these images.

PS: If that kitty litter cake looks scrumptious and you want to make your own, find the recipe here.

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    How about this cake:

    The instructions are here:

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