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Recipe Round-Up: 5 Tempting Cakes for April

We make a pretty wide selection of cakes, but there are always more to find! As such, we thought it’d be fun to bring you a little monthly roundup of great recipes. However, what we’d really love is to have you share your favorite cake recipesl. Who knows the best recipe might even be made into a special edition Bake Me A Wish cake! (I’m thinking chocolate peanut butter strawberry marshmellow layer cakes……. mmmm… sugar overload!).

#1.) This article promises to be the best FLOURLESS CHOCOLATE CAKE.

#2.) Oprah Magazine gives us a list of dessert cakes from their 10th Anniversary preview.

#3.) North shows us a Almond Cake with Strawberry-Rhubarb Sauce. Sounds perfect for a spring time picnic!

#4.) On Foodie Friday, we get to learn how to make a pirate ship birthday cake! (Mom, honestly, I feel like I lived a deprived childhood… oh wait, who need pirate ships when you can get s’more cake???).


#5.) Finally, Kitchen Simplicity gives us Blackberry Lime Cake– I can already taste August… mmm… warm summer days!

And as a bonus:

#6.) This cake doesn’t share a recipe but its still amazing:


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