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Top Cake Maker: A Profile of Amanda Oakleaf

Amanda Oakleaf is an artist– but our favorite kind of an artist– a cake artist! Can you think of something better than an object that is both beautiful and delicious? Nope, neither can we.


Starting out making cakes as a part time job, she has since developed the cake line into a widely popular business in Winthrop MA (close to Boston) and will be opening a storefront on April 17th. Why is she so popular? We think it probably has to do with the true artistry of her cakes. That and she makes everything including the fondant from scratch ( a secret marshmallow based recipe!). It comes as no surprise that Miss Oakleaf spent years studying oil painting and fine art, both privately and at acclaimed art institutions such as the Massachusetts College of Art & Design.

As the Boston Herald reported: Oakleaf developed a product that she believes is so different from what is readily available that she has little competition. She sits with each customer to discuss the event and the design of the cake. She can match the invitations, the decor or the theme of the party. The special service isn’t cheap. The cake will cost more than one chosen off the shelf, but it will be unique.

What do you think of these unique cakes? Do you know of other great cake creators out there? Every Monday we will feature someone new so please send along your suggestions!


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5 Responses to “Top Cake Maker: A Profile of Amanda Oakleaf”

  1. yasmin Says:

    Dear Customers be careful because she may cancel on you the way she did with me. My party is this weekend (4 DAYS AWAY) and she told me TODAY that she can’t make my cake despite the fact the she agreed to it two weeks ago. The theme to my 30th bday party is centered around the cake…and now I have NO cake…Completely DISAPPOINTED. I Initially spoke to Amanda on the phone and she agreed to making the cake, she just told me to send her an email letting her know what flavor I wanted. I then sent her an inquiry through her website so that I can send her the money for the deposit (never heard back from her). Four days later I followed up with another email with all the details again and still no reply from Amanda. Then finally today I called again as another follow up and she tells me she CAN’T make my cake–she had already agreed AND she never called me to inform me she couldn’t make my cake I was the one that had to call her to see why she wasn’t responding to my mess. Absolutely inconsiderate and extremely unacceptable way of treating a customer…….

    Dear Amanda…here is my response to your depost comment….
    Well if you see from my email, as well as from my inquiry that I sent via your website, you’ll realize that I made several attempts to make my payment—–so you can NOT tell me that the deposit was the issue…you obviously avoided and did not respond to any of my messages therefore you are to blame that i didn’t get to pay my deposit. I reached out to you on several occasions with the hope to pay my deposit. And during the three occassions that I reached out to you after my initial phone call I specifically pointed out the details to the cake as well as the date. Had you responded to any of my messages this could’ve been avoided and you would’ve been aware of the date change.

  2. Amanda Oakleaf Says:

    Thanks for the write up Bake Me a Wish!

    Just as a quick response to Yasmin, first, thank you for spamming these nice people with this. Second, the last line of your complaint totally invalidates your entire argument.

    “Had you responded to any of my messages this could’ve been avoided and you would’ve been aware of the date change.”

    Obviously if you change your date, even if you notify us, we can not guarantee that we will be available to make your cake for that date.

    Again, my most profound apologies to Bake Me A Wish for having to put up with this spammer.

  3. Tyler Santago Says:


  4. Kaneshia Kelly Says:

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  5. Lauri Says:

    How much is the LV cake above and how many people does it serve?

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