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This Week’s Contest!

Last week, you amazed us with your creative responses to the fill in the blanks contest.

This week, we are asking for something a bit different. First off, tell us your favorite Bake Me A Wish cake flavor and then tell us why.  How do you win?  In the first round, we’ll decide on the most popular cake flavor, based on the responses we receive.   In the second round, we’ll create a survey of the top 10 responses and ask you, our readers, what the best review was for our most popular flavor.  Based on your responses in the survey, we’ll choose a winner and they will receive their favorite flavor!

We’re looking for fun, touching, hilarious, exciting cake reviews from you!

Example: ” My favorite flavor is red velvet cake because my mother used to always tell me that the cake turns red from little fairies who have crushed chocolate berries into the flour. The Bake Me A Wish Red Velvet Cake tastes just like hers— but their cream cheese frosting is unbelievable!”

9 Responses to “This Week’s Contest!”

  1. Sheryl Says:

    My favorite is red velvet because this is the cake my mother always baked for my birthday. My birthday is in December, so she made it to fit in with Christmas. Red velvet cake has lots of great, sweet memories for me. Plus, it tastes great!

  2. Jenny Says:

    My favorite is Carrot Cake, my grandma and I had a funny joke when she made this cake. She would say knock knock, I would say who’s there, she would say carrot, I would say Carrot who? She would say I made you this cake because I carrot you so much! The bake me a wish Carrot Cake looks just as scrumptious as hers and I am sure the cream cheese frosting was made by Bake me a wish with so much carrot for their customers!

  3. Rebecca Says:

    The chocolate mousse cake looks amazing and I loved the ideas behind a lot of your cakes that they give back to the community.

  4. Shontell Says:

    My favorite most days would be Red Velvet… But today – I’m going with the Coco-Nut. (Because I’m missing my little Coo-coo-nut) My little grand-daughter is so stinkin cute! She mimics most everything you say to her – you tell her to be nice to her sister – and she’ll say – “you be nice to your sister” (with attitude of course) …. So, on her last visit – I called her a “coo-coo-nut” because she was being so silly -and she said – “No drandma (grandma) you are a “Coco-nut”. After a good laugh I asked her if she wanted some coco-nut cream pie and she said… “No, I don’t want to eat you drandma, I lub you.” OH! I hope I win… I’ll have to drive the 3 hours to visit her and share with my little “coo-coo-nut”….

  5. Tiffany O. Says:

    My favoirte is Carrot Cake. When my fiance and I first started dating, I LOVED everything Peanut Butter, my fiance’s favorite was always Carrot Cake. On dates when picking dessert, he always told me he was alergic to peanut butter so the Carrot Cake would always win out! 12 years later, I know he isn’t alergic to peanut butter but now I’ve learned to love Carrot Cake as well.

  6. Jennifer gersch Says:

    My favorite is Vanilla Bean. Why? A taste puts me in a good frame of mind, and I ride the feeling all day…Benefit to me and all those around me!!( Because if I feel good, I spread the joy).

  7. tonya crain Says:

    I was just introduced to red velvet and OMG I don’t how I had never had it before. It’s become a fave just off a bite size demo atCostco!
    Thanks for the chance
    tonyamcrain (at)

  8. Brittany Says:

    My favorite is the S’more Brownie Cake, because we can always use “s’more” happiness in our lives! What better way than to enjoy a piece of cake? Especially one that combines marshmallow and chocolate together. YUM! I love that the soldiers get a chance to add some sweetness to their day at Bake Me A Wish, also. It’s the least we can do to show our appreciation for all that they do for us. Thanks!

  9. Julie Says:

    Chocolate Mousse Torte Cake! It’s moist and rich, and everything a chocolate cake could ever hope to be. I was recently diagnosed with terminal chocoholism. If I don’t get enough chocolate, I go through pretty serious withdrawals. This is the only cake the I can eat to fulfill my very specific needs. Please, feed my addiction!

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