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An Urgent Call to Action: Stop the Cake Scammer!


We are pretty upset to learn about the recent fraudster who has been fooling bakeries all around the nation. As such we are starting a call to action and asking you to post the following on your blogs/websites/message boards:

If you receive a cake order from Steven Nicole, do not make the cake. He has been deceiving small bakers around the country and costing them thousands of orders. His scam: paying for a large multi-tiered cake for 300 people with a fake credit card. He includes the cost of “shipping” and asks the baker to send the money to a fake third-party. Then no one ever shows up!

If you have been a victim of this please share your story here:

Everyone else, please join us in stopping this fraudster!

For more information:


2 Responses to “An Urgent Call to Action: Stop the Cake Scammer!”

  1. Erin from Long Island Says:

    Jeez, what is wrong with people? I mean, seriously, dont you have better things to do with your life then scam bakeries?!

  2. BMAW Says:

    More coverage of the Cake Scammer!