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Gross Cakes- A Round of Cakes You’d Never Want to Eat





I don’t know when it specifically became my job to look up gross cakes on the internet but let me tell you, the whole thing makes me wildly uncomfortable. First off, I am still confused who the people are who eat these cakes or if it is just an online fetish for people to make the most disgusting cakes.  Honestly. when did we stop wanting red velvet cake and instead crave a rat shaped cake? Yes, here I am on my soap box.

Do you want to know my secret theory? I’m telling you anyway. I think there is one person somewhere in the US who just sits in his basement and dreams up gross cakes and then floods the internet with these photos. If there is, I’d like to meet him.

What do you think?

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3 Responses to “Gross Cakes- A Round of Cakes You’d Never Want to Eat”

  1. Erin from Long Island Says:

    have you seen Ace of Cakes? He gets a lot of weird requests, I think it is the random customers, not the bakers, who come up with these oddities.

  2. Jennifer-Eighty MPH Mom Says:

    Ewwww LOL. Very clever but very gross!

  3. Kimberly@PrettyPinkMomma Says:

    I guess that gives new meaning to the eating crow expression, lol!

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